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4140 Steel Round Bar/Rod

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Carbon rod is non-metallic product, it has high temperature resistance, good electrical conductivity, not easy to break properties, suitable for cutting metal into the required shape. Because of the high temperature of the carbon rod, it is easy to conduct electricity and has good chemical stability. It has been widely used in national defense, machinery, metallurgy, chemical
industry, casting, non-ferrous alloy, lightening and other fields, especially black carbon rod, also used in ceramics, semiconductors, medicine, environmental protection, laboratory analysis and other fields, has become the most widely used
non-metallic materials.

1.Hot rolled steel undergoes a rolling process that involves forming and rolling steel slabs into long, hot bands while heated at extremely high temperatures (typically over 1,700'F) above steels recrystallization temperatures.

2.The hot rolled steel is malleable at high temperatures, enabling it to be rolled into various shapes, forms, and sizes. After
forming, the steel is cooled at room temperature, typically leaving a scaly surface finish that techniques like pickling can

3.Hot rolled steel sheet and coil are basic carbon steel products commonly used for applications in which dimensional tolerances and surface finish quality are not critical, such as: Agriculture Equipment/Automobile Accessories/Automotive Frames/ Construction/Pipe and Tubular/Railroad Tracks/Strappings/Stampings/Transportation Infrastructure.
Packing & Delivery
Product Transportation
We offer different modes of transport depending on the customer's destination: rail transport and ship transport. The Shipping Mark shall consist of: Trade mark, Seller's name, Product name, Applicable standards, Specifications, Package No. , Contract No. ,Heat No. , Weight of zinc film, Color, Production date, Weighing method, Net weight, Gross Weight, Consignee and Protection symbols etc.




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