What should I do once I receive cold rolled steel coil imperfections?
We take pride in our products, and we guarantee you that steel coil receives severe QC test before shipping. Yet if the last thing we expect occurred, we will either refund you or send you the replacement after we receive the returned damaged thing. Here we always promise to deliver you the highest quality products in a timely and efficient manner.

Shanghai ChangZeng Metal Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the management of c channel steel, including research & development, sales & marketing, fabrication, and logistics. ChangZeng's steel beam series include multiple types. The product is very soft and flexible. During the production, it is easy to mold shape due to its thermoplastic properties. The minimum order quantity for this product is 5 tons. When using this product, people can free their hands to some extent. This product provides them safer and more comfortable working conditions. It is the best for welding, machining or other needs.

With the purpose of reducing the impact of our products on the environment, we make changes in our production. We are committed to developing products with higher recyclability and renovate our packaging ways.
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