What about the production flow for c beam steel in ChangZeng?
The manufacture of c beam steel in Shanghai ChangZeng Metal Co., Ltd. is a mix of technology and experience. An efficient production flow is a must for cost-effective manufacturing and is hence critical to get manufacturing profits. There's communication between planner, manufacturing manager, and operator in our company. The transition out of small scale to quantity production could be made.

ChangZengis recognized as a leading company in regard to quality. We have a strong ability in offering stainless steel pipe for clients globally. ChangZeng's steel tubing series include multiple types. The production of ChangZeng c channel steel involves the following major steps. It has to go through stamping, coating, painting, drying, and polishing by respective machines. Heat treatment yields a higher wear resistance in this type of steel. With the help of this product, product costs have been greatly lowered. It significantly helps reduce the amount of money used to pay workers. It accepts the de-oxidation process to be killed or semi-killed steel.

We have a positive aspiration, namely, to take the lead in this field. We believe our success derives from a comprehensive understanding of clients, hence, we will strive hard to serve clients to win their recognition.
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