What about the minimum order quantity of custom steel tubing in ChangZeng Steel?
Depending on the varieties of the product, the MOQ also varies. In Shanghai ChangZeng Metal Co., Ltd. , the MOQ could be negotiated and determined based on the mutual agreement. The reason that we set minimum order quantities because it costs a certain amount of money to manufacture high-quality products. If we are to produce fewer units than our MOQ, we may not be able to cover the cost of our manufacturing process or make a profit. In addition, since we produce items in bulk, we will purchase raw materials in bulk we well. It may not be cost-effective or beneficial for us to run the machinery unless we're guaranteed to be compensated for a certain amount of the production units.
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In the fierce market competition, ChangZeng Steelhas grown continuously. The steel tubing is one of the main products of ChangZeng Steel. ChangZeng steel tubing is manufactured by adopting in house reliable lighting testing and quality control. It has passed the RoHS compliant. This product offers greater strength and uniformity. This product has passed through many international certifications. It accepts the de-oxidation process to be killed or semi-killed steel.
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