Water saving and emission reduction to create 'green steel'

by:ChangZeng     2021-02-20
In recent years, the Group has actively explored the path of green development to establish a water resources recycling economy system. Through the saving and efficient use of water resources, it has strengthened wastewater management and recycling, and pursued environmental protection through low energy consumption, low pollution and large-cycle production methods. Reconcile the road of symbiosis, pursue a win-win situation of ecological and environmental protection and cost reduction and income generation, and create a 'green steel' brand. Under the premise of a substantial increase in the output value of steel Q345B steel plates, Anshan Iron and and Panzhihua Iron and 's new water consumption per ton of steel continued to decline, the water recycling rate reached and approached 96%, and all wastewater was discharged qualified. In the large-scale technological transformation, the Group implements a circular economy strategy, and uses 'waste water reduction, harmlessness and resource utilization' as the middle of the internal water use to build and perfect a huge 'internal circulation' to make progress The use of water resources, the reduction of waste water discharge, and the completion of the material reconciliation cycle of the economic system and the natural ecosystem, ecological environmental protection, and cost reduction and income generation.   On the basis of the overall 'big cycleInsist on 'repair every time it is repairedAt present, Anshan Iron and has formed a water use pattern of 'reduction, reuse, and recycling' in which the overall 'large cycle' and part of the 'small cycle' are interlaced, which reduces the use of groundwater and river water, and at the same time, reduces waste water discharge. . The technological transformation insists on planning, constructing, and putting together environmental protection equipment and the main equipment together, insisting on selecting new technologies and equipment that are pollution-free and less polluting, screening outdated water-consuming equipment and high-consumption equipment, and choosing water-saving production technology or The technology that does not consume water, saves water from the source of production, and changes the 'final processing' to 'prevent earlyUnder the premise of macro-control and overall strict control of the amount of use, Anshan Iron u0026 ’s power management and control has established a power environmental protection monitoring team and launched a 'hands-on shooting' activity, combining professional team supervision with employee discovery, and establishing a sound water-saving supervision and monitoring The system ensures that 'drip water does not leak.' The Power Environmental Protection Supervision Brigade conducts cover-up supervision of the factory area once a month, strictly supervises the leakage, leaking, and illegal use, and promptly punishes warnings and corrective actions. The 'Shot' event called on the entire Ansteel employees to take action and promptly report complaints about the signs of non-energy conservation and environmental protection around them.   After a series of management and control measures, Anshan Iron and Power Management has dug out the 'golden mountain' from water saving. Since 2014, the new water consumption per ton of steel has hit the lowest level in history. http://www.q345bj.com/ for you!
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