time to temper the praise for that steel-clad hall

by:ChangZeng     2020-05-15
I\'m not one of those concert audiences who are involved in the \"Bravo\" shouting contest, but when I finish the Scott Timberg summary counter
Disney Hall sentiment (
\"What don\'t you like? Well . . . ,\" Sept. 5)
I said \"bravo\" loudly \".
A few months ago, when Disneyland was hyped
Susan Steinberg of National Public Radio called the place a \"Stainless Steel Symphony \".
\"I said it was the Groso Concerto.
Yes, I think of stainless steel when I hear the symphony.
Beethoven\'s rhythm evokes a cold, sharp picture
The edge of the metal dance, the asymmetrical part.
When I heard the voice of Mahler, my heart flew like iron. Sibelius?
I cry black tears, my mood is tin-plated, leaden. Stravinsky?
Nothing soft. -
It\'s just a hard, heavy metal experience.
Favorite composer: Walter Piston!
Nicolas Ouroussoff, a time-building critic, agrees.
He said Frank Garydesigned, $274-
Million, tres chic Walt Hall is \"sexy\", and as he told the sakuramando Bee, \"there\'s nothing in this country\" looks like this. No, nothing. \"I dunno, Nic.
Have you been to a shipwreck recently?
Sheet metal Expo?
Industrial refrigerator manufacturers?
Disneyland looks only half way to metorn-
Cartons left in the rain, spray-painted silver.
The same sculpture can be found on the Skid Row a few blocks away, if not a high level sculpture, where there are street people. . .
Tear off the cardboard box and sleep in it (
Check how they look after the rain).
Add a can of silver paint you have hundreds of mini paintDisneys. Hmmm. . . .
Maybe that\'s why IA.
Deborah Borda, executive director of the Philharmonic Orchestra, said: \"This is your living room. Come visit.
\"Maybe she saw all the tears.
Cardboard living room on Main Street nearby. Wait a second!
Maybe that\'s it.
Borda and Phil brass-
Uh, apologize to the horn department, let the government--
Things about making classical music worse are always blowingto-
The Earth is accessible to everyone.
After all, the sculpture outside Disney is a broken bow tie. -
Push, push, understand?
So Gehry must have been prompted directly from Skid Row, isn\'t it?
He was imitating. to-earth (street-level, in fact)lean-
Tos and shantytowns for homeless people!
He made $274.
Millions of statements on the poor and abandoned.
This is the fanfare of the common people (Homeless)Man!
Okay, maybe not.
After all, Disney has 1,000 fewer seats.
The price of tickets has exceeded the scale. -
Somewhere above high B, such as \"broke\", how new this isA.
Phil Dukat will leave you.
The ground slot is $35 (up from $14)
The band \"throne of Thrones\" grossed up to $120 (
From an impressive $80).
Of course, you can sit behind a musician for $40 or $50.
More convenient?
Is this your living room?
I can watch Daniel barramboim direct Mahler on the DVD in the living room and ask him to speak for me.
And DVD is cheaper than Disney\'s cheapest urn.
But the sound effect of the pavilion was terrible, and the supporters of Gary screamed ---
Led by The Times music critic Mark Swade, he never seemed to let the comments pass without complaining that Dorothy Buffon Chandler\'s Dream House was\"\"Right. Call me a Phil-
Istine, but a reasonably priced concert at the stuffy buffet for 33 years left my ears fine.
I mean, you would thinkA.
Opera, now the main pavilion tenant, inherited a bat clock tower.
The orchestra played in Chandler for only forty years.
The halls of Europe lasted for centuries)
It\'s not surprising, I think. L. A.
In a state of permanent suicide.
It\'s always murdering the best of itself, and usually doesn\'t replace it with the worst of all of us.
Is there a beautiful old landmark?
Great place for a horrible minimall.
I can\'t imagine how Musso & Frank\'s and Apple Pan survived.
The only tradition in Los AngelesA.
Is Killing Tradition.
But the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion should not be assassinated by Swed characters, and the shining objects across the street fascinate the Kawin Crow.
It offers admirable service without any reference to Zubin Mehta, Carlo Maria Giuliani, Andrei pwiyin, numerous guest-string commanders and not cursed by the ears
In an interview in front of the last show a few months ago, Mehta made some statements expressing confusion over the criticism of the pavilion-
In 1962, when he took over the orchestra there, it looked like the Temple of the farmers on the mountain.
As far as I\'m concerned, it looks more like it next to Gehry\'s silver stunt.
Rip Rense is a writer in Los Angeles. A.
Los Angeles Philharmonic concertA.
Daily News in their 70 s.
He wrote a weekly column \"Riposte\" for his website www \". riprense. com.
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