There is an overall plan for fiscal and tax reform

by:ChangZeng     2021-02-20
Q345B channel steel products is a commonly used type of steel products products. Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli of the State Council stated yesterday that there is an overall plan for the reform of modern fiscal and taxation standards. The Minister of Finance Lou Jiwei talked about how to distinguish the power of the center and how to delegate power. Lou Jiwei stated that the Chinese government has plans to reform the resource tax, as well as thinking about levying pollution taxes and environmental taxes. He also said that capital profits tax will not be levied this year and next. Regarding the property tax, he said the Ministry of Finance will actively cooperate.   Zhang Gaoli, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier of the State Council, delivered a speech at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the High-Level Forum in China yesterday, indicating that there is an overall plan for the reform of modern fiscal and taxation standards.   Together, he focused on deepening the reform of the fiscal and taxation system, setting up all standards and exposing transparent accounting standards in the system, fair and consistent adjustment and orderly taxation standards, and central and local powers of affairs. Minister of Finance Lou Jiwei stated in the comment section of the above-mentioned forum 'Financial and Taxation System Reform and Transformation' that fiscal and taxation reform is a special one of Zhang Gaoli’s mission of reform, and several other reforms are related to finance, so A lot of pressure. Yang Weimin, deputy director of the Central Finance and Economics Leading Group, pointed out in a set statement titled 'Outline of Actions to Deepen Reforms' compiled for China's high-level forum that the basic idea of u200bu200bclearing the reform of the fiscal and taxation system is to deepen the reforms of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee One of the ten highlights of the company is detailed in the four aspects of clear authority, reform of the tax system, stable tax burden and transparent accounting. Lou Jiwei stated that how to determine the handling responsibilities between different levels of government is actually related to financial reforms. This is also the question of 'the distinction between central and local handling responsibilities and expenditure responsibilities' mentioned by Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli in his speech. .   As for how to deal with the relationship between the government and shopping malls, Lou Jiwei stated that it is a question of how the functions that should be implemented by the government are differentiated between different levels of government. He used air pollution prevention and control as an example of a cross-regional and external question to explain the handling party and related responsibilities of the global external question. He said that producing or importing cars with unqualified exhaust emissions will give a local invention GDP and tax, but after selling the cars to the whole country, it will affect the national air quality and cause smog.   The resolution of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee clarified that the new round of fiscal and taxation system reform will start from three aspects: improving accounting management standards, improving taxation standards, and establishing standards that are compatible with powers and expenditure responsibilities. Lou Jiwei said that the first two clarify the detailed transformation missions, and the latter one touches the modernization of the national management system and management ability to a greater extent.   This China Development High-level Forum is hosted by the Development Research Center of the State Council. 2014 is the 15th anniversary of the forum, and the theme of this year is 'A China Deepening Transformation'. for you!
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