The steel industry may implement the approval system

by:ChangZeng     2021-02-21
There are still many instructions issued to the steel products industry this year, but the most important issue is the environmental handling of overcapacity issues, but the issue on the 12th will further cancel and delegate administrative approval. This is still very welcome news. Overcapacity is controlled by administrative review standards. This method will not be very effective, and it is not the best way to adjust. There should be many other methods. The first is the regulation of shopping malls, and the second is the coordinated constraints on land, environmental impact assessment, and social capital. For the selection of Q345B channel steel products, please look for Tianjin Hongrui Trading Co., Ltd. on the one hand to continue to revise the government-approved investment project catalog, and to advance the original plan to revise the approved catalogue in 2015 to end this year; on the other hand, the National Development and Reform Commission will also In conjunction with the relevant departments, the authority of pre-approval shall be delegated to strengthen the formulation and implementation of relevant standards such as development planning and development strategies, so as to realize the exchange and sharing of administrative approval and shopping mall supervision information, and strengthen the supervision during and after the event according to law. Simplify procedures, optimize procedures, and rigorous standard review actions. Huang Min, Director of the Investment Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, pointed out that this revision is very important. The list of funded projects approved by the government is the key to handling the relationship between the government and shopping malls in the handling of the company's funded projects and implementing the company's investment autonomy. The 21st Century Business Herald has learned that the revised operation will adhere to three principles, such as filing and handling, reasonable decentralization of power in the center, and partial division of labor and cooperation. It is reported that the above-mentioned revision work has been launched in May, and it is about to seek the opinions of relevant parts and localities. On this basis, we will strive to report to the State Council in September. According to the above-mentioned revision efforts, the surplus occupations that have been delineated in the next step can be further delegated. Huang Min stated that the implementation of the approval system, on the basis of the implementation of the company's investment autonomy, the project approval agency from the perspective of safeguarding the public interest of the society to check the external conditions of the company's investment projects. That is to say, the first thing to check is what impact this project has on maintaining economic security, what thinking about the rational development and utilization of capital, what methods are there for maintaining the ecological environment, how much disturbance to the environment, and what contribution to public interest. , What is the impact on avoiding monopoly? Internal things, such as market prospects, economic benefits, funding sources, skills plans for primary projects, etc., 'The company should decide the plan independently. The government should not interfere when it is approved. I think this is the biggest bright spot. '. Some professions are encouraged by the above statement. Fang Xinkang, an adviser to the Zhejiang Ship Vocational Association, told reporters from 21st Century Business Herald that ships like ships are usually made on the seashore and have little impact on the environment. As for occupational regulation, shopping malls have already exerted their effects. There is no need to review them one by one. 'If you don't have a shopping mall, you can't get a loan.' He said. http://www.q345bj.comu200b
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