The sound of continuous inspection of the steel plate is also more than usual

by:ChangZeng     2021-02-22
The large-thickness Q345B steel plate, taking advantage of technology and equipment, is a large-thickness Q345B steel plate with a thickness of several 00mm. The large-thickness Q345B steel plate is a kind of extra-thick steel plate used under specific environmental conditions, such as the turbine seat ring, guide vane and other key parts of the generator set. It has high requirements for its safety, reliability and durability. The development of large-thickness Q345B steel plates with a thickness of 200mm-300mm must ensure that the layered tear resistance reaches the Z35 level. This is a highly difficult 'Olympic competition question' recognized by the metallurgical industry. It is necessary to overcome technical difficulties such as solidification control of large steel ingots, heat treatment of large thickness steel plates, low temperature impact toughness of large thickness steel plates and laminar tear resistance. Criterion: One is to ensure that it has good weldability; the other is to ensure the performance in the thickness direction; the third is to ensure that it has sufficient impact toughness storage and low toughness and brittleness at the operating temperature; the fourth is to improve the safety of the structure. Use precise technology to develop high-quality Z-direction steel products with large thickness for hydropower. For all process links such as smelting, rolling, and heat treatment, the whole process is tracked, and the high temperature radiation of 500 degrees Celsius is tolerated. The 200mm thick S355J0-Z35 and 270mm thick A516Gr70-Z35 steel plates have been developed in accordance with EN10025 specifications and hydropower. The design institute's technical request finally successfully developed a 300mm thick Q345B steel products plate. Since the beginning of winter, what I have heard most is 'cannot sell, lose moneyVacation. The transaction of waste materials is low, the number of merchants leaving the market is increasing, the transaction of raw materials is bleak, the steel mills have succeeded in lowering prices, and some merchants are selling goods at low prices. The expectation is weak. The impact of short-term raw materials on the snails is relatively negative. Plant cost pressure, but according to analysis, because crude steel output will still increase slightly, and downstream industries are difficult to break, the average steel price will also fall this year, coupled with the increase in environmental protection costs, the steel industry has little hope of profitability. The circulation effect is changed from 'trader' to 'supplier'. At present, most of the iron and steel products circulation enterprises in my country are only confined to the sale of steel products, and these enterprises are facing a serious survival crisis. In the future, the distribution effect can be changed from 'traders' to 'suppliersUnfold. In particular, it is necessary to adapt to the mode of consumption, change from 'large-scale batches' to 'multi-batch, small-batch, precisionThe form of the operating model is changed from 'separation of true and false' to 'combination of true and false'. At present, in the steel circulation market, there are not only physical operating markets and stores, but also e-commerce trading platforms, as well as online platforms that specifically provide supply and demand information. However, these circulation-related subjects are separated from each other, and the characteristics of 'separation of true and false' are very different. obvious. In the future, the materialization of e-commerce platforms is the general trend, and it will be difficult for Q345B steel plate to achieve and maintain sustained competitiveness with authentic physical operations or e-commerce.
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