The rapid flow of foreign capital into steel enterprises may usher in a break

by:ChangZeng     2021-02-20
The Q345B angle steel market has always been good, and the market has recently fallen into crisis. At the end of May of this year, the person in charge of the Development and Reform Commission responded to questions on the recently issued 'Measures for the Approval and Filing of Foreign-Funded Projects\'Demand, with the effect of the mall's resources and equipment being used to a greater extent and on a wider scale, the opening of the ban on foreign-owned steel industry seems to have become a natural job.   In November of last year, Shen Danyang of the Ministry of Commerce stated that in the future, restrictions on foreign investment in the usual manufacturing sectors such as steel products, chemicals, and cars will be further rolled out. The domestic steel industry has always tried to go global and strengthen cooperation with foreign investors, but no official has ever stated how much foreign investment is permitted. The iron and steel profession is a strategic profession. In the 2005 'Iron and Industry Development GuidelinesThis policy has been continuing to this day.   It is reported that the total investment in the project amounts to 5.2 billion yuan, of which Valin contributed 51% and Anmi contributed 49%. The controlling party still belongs to the state-owned enterprise. According to the disclosed materials, ArcelorMittal was previously the second largest shareholder of Hualing , accounting for 24.44% of the outstanding shares. However, through equity cooperation, because Hualing had operating losses and did not obtain the expected return of investment. The author believes that this kind of collaboration only touches on the cost level, and does not touch on the deep level of skills, talents and other aspects of collaboration.   As soon as this news comes out, if it is true, the stock market of the joint venture company will usher in a positive outlook through market speculation. In the meantime, Hualing Iron u0026 shares were boosted by this yesterday, and the stock price rose abnormally.   In addition, domestic high-end car plate projects, such as Baosteel, Guangzhou Iron and , etc., are cooperating with foreign capital. In the field of high-quality car plate, if there is no leading technical support, my country's annual import of high-end plates is larger than the current number. If foreign investment is only capital operation without the support of skills and management experience, the status quo of steel companies will still be difficult to improve, and they will also lose their attractiveness to foreign investment. Long-term manipulation will not be conducive to the transformation and development of domestic companies. Various signs show that this In time, the possibility of breaking the game is greater.   In addition to Hualing Iron and , according to the disclosed materials, the top 10 shareholders include foreign capital and Anshan Iron and Co., Ltd., whose second largest shareholder Hong Kong Clearing Co., Ltd. holds 14.84%, and 7 foreign companies including other shareholders. In addition, Wuhan Iron and and Fives, which have been cooperating for 10 years, established a large-scale complete machinery manufacturing joint venture in March of this year, each with 50% of the shares, engaged in the design, procurement, production and assembly of steel and non-steel products equipment. And skills services.  For more information, please click
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