The latest adjustment of the Q345B steel plate market

by:ChangZeng     2021-02-20
As usual, the steel-plastic composite pipe industry has been in China for the past two decades. Especially in recent years, with the development and establishment of steel-plastic composite pipes used in municipal engineering, chemical engineering, construction, municipal engineering, water conservancy projects, and the occupational demand for steel-plastic composite pipes in agriculture and industry have increased from time to time. With rapid expansion, China has become the largest consumer of plastic pipes used in the world. Zhang Changfu, vice chairman of the China Iron and Association, pointed out that with the huge steel production capacity accumulated over the years, Q345B steel products plate is like a 'lion with a big mouth' devouring the benefits of the steel industry. From the middle of this month, many places in Hebei Province have also continued to report news about steel mills' electricity and production restrictions. But it will not become the pace that will always be used next year. Many devices were opened for 3 days and 5 days, and the machine was checked. However, in addition to government regulation, the influence of the market must be fully promoted. As the value of steel products continues to be at a low level throughout this year, companies are mainly at a loss, and power rationing is even worse for companies. In recent years, most Q345B steel plate mills have suffered losses in their main businesses, relying on the non-steel industry to make profits. If the non-steel industry does not develop well, they can only accept the group's ideal of loss. The next year will be a year of innovation and innovation. Regarding the steel market, resolving production capacity, environmental management, capital turnover, and innovation and transformation are still the key words for its development. At present, the five provinces that have held the 'two sessions' have all lowered their economic growth goals, and the future structural adjustment of the steel industry in the major steel-producing provinces is imminent. Regarding the real estate tax legislation and later expansion, the psychological expectation tends to be short-term negative, while the actual implementation or long-term demand exploration will return to the spot inventory, supply and demand level and winter reserves. Short-term demand Weak and negative expectations next year suppress the current market, capital speculation. The recent policy of energy conservation, emission reduction and elimination of backward production capacity has limited impact on the market. On the whole, steel products mills adjust prices and increase prices. However, there will be no major changes in market theory during the year, and prices are difficult to rise. Next week, the market will also begin to leave the market. Manufacturers will concentrate on the maintenance period. In this short time, , The market operation time is short, and the business mentality is more stable. The overcapacity of iron and steel is serious. The Central Economic Work Conference held at the end of 2013 put forward the main tasks of the economic work in 2014, and clearly proposed to persevere to resolve the overcapacity. The management of environmental protection will become one of the important tricks to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the steel industry. As the steel industry in the worst-hit area of u200bu200benvironmental pollution, the greater the environmental protection enforcement, the greater the survival crisis of steel companies. Under the pressure of environmental protection, it is estimated that more small and medium steel companies will face the fate of being shut down in 2014. , Which will control new capacity to a certain extent. The 'surviving' steel companies have gone through a lot of troubles, not only have their environmental competitiveness improved, but the pace of transformation and upgrading of Q345B steel companies has also been accelerated.
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