The emerging pattern of the steel market

by:ChangZeng     2021-02-21
So what are the aspects of the application of steel plate processing in work? The needs of sheet metal work: subsequent processing and forming by techniques such as bending and punching. The appearance is mostly electroplating or baking varnish, and it is delivered in board condition or narrow belt. products in sheet metal products are usually pickled cold or hot rolled. The need for quality is also higher. The needs of home appliances work: Rare home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, etc. have higher requirements for appearance. Usually choose electro-galvanized or cold-rolled, and later paint treatment. If the steel plate originally had defects, it will show up after painting. Electrical manufacturing work: Electrical control cabinets are mainly used in electrical manufacturing work. The steel products plates are mostly processed by cold rolling, galvanizing and other processing technologies. They are usually formed by shearing, punching and other methods. Because of the internal stress in the forming process, there should be no significant defects in the appearance, so it is in production. The process also requires strict quality control. In addition, the demand for steel plates supplied by the industry is getting higher and higher. Q345B steel plates must be designated brands, high-strength seismic steel bars, and third-grade steel products of the first-class brand. The usual three types of brand rebar cannot be delivered to the construction site. During the interview, a person from the Dabaishu shopping mall talked about the current reduction in steel resources for construction in Shanghai, but he recently ran into several steel warehouses in Shanghai to conduct field investigations on the stock of steel for construction, and found that there were mountains of rebar in the warehouses. The external appearance of the rebar has been rusted. I looked at the production date. The earliest was produced last year. It has been stored for more than a year. The appearance is rusty and the stock of steel products plates is still large. The shopping mall official said that I still go down to see if the inventory has really been reduced, so that I can strengthen my heart. Don’t trade the frontline salespeople at the forefront of the shopping mall and feel that the construction of steel shopping malls these days is light. Moreover, the available resources have also increased. Most of the previously lacking types of standards can be bought in shopping malls, and the quotations are markedly loose. Recently, the arrival of rebar and high-speed wires has gradually increased, and the quotations may be adjusted downwards later. In terms of downstream needs, following the gradual freezing of the climate, construction work in the north is almost on strike, and the operating rate of the construction industry in the south is also decreasing. In order to cope with the haze climate, construction site strikes are required in some areas, and some needs have been reduced. At that time, the domestic steel market was out of stock only for a short period of time, and the low demand did not have a very good expression. Generally speaking, the steel plate and steel market will still be in a situation of oversupply for a long time. Generally speaking, merchants lack the determination to raise prices in the near future. Once the inferior quantity needs to be reduced, merchants will think about preferential promotion. Tangshan steel billet continued to rise, coupled with the news of Hebei’s power curtailment and production reduction, leading to a tentative increase in steel quotations in some northern shopping malls. At the same time, the stocks of traders are generally small, so they are not in a hurry to cut prices too much. However, near the end of the year, merchants mostly adopted the operation mode of first payment before delivery, and the acquisition activity of lower-class users has weakened. The influence of this environmental protection production reduction trend also needs to be investigated. It is estimated that steel prices will fluctuate in the short term.
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