The domestic steel market ushered in a long-lost turning point

by:ChangZeng     2021-02-22
We know that the questions faced by the I-beam business premises in our country have always been contrasted and complicated. The contrast is not easy to deal with. The biggest problem facing I-beam is the problem of severe overcapacity. There is also a question that the utilization rate continues to drop again and again. These two questions are also clichés. It can be called a 'bad disease' on our national I-beam market, so the reason why it is called a 'bad disease' shows how serious these two questions are. Only these two 'malignant tumors' cannot be obtained. If you deal with it, there will always be doubts. So what exactly is the market today? Faced with such endless questions, how does the Chinese I-beam profession deal with it? The staff of the I-beam manufacturer below will come and analyze it for us. Regarding the above-mentioned question, many of Q345B I-beam companies in China that are now on the market have given that 'green construction is used to resolve current doubts.' So what does the so-called green construction mean? That is to say, when we are building, we must ensure that we save all the resources that can be saved as much as possible. For example, power, land, water, and materials should all be saved. In addition to the maintenance of the environment, we must also do a good job. Now the level of urban pollution is also a wake-up call for everyone. The first thing is to provide you with outstanding, safe and useful buildings. And there are many people in the industry who believe that the residence with I-beam as the original material is suitable for this green construction concept, because I-beam can provide supporting plumbing, electric kitchen and bathroom, as well as a series of specifications such as the network. . The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was held to end. I-beam manufacturers were affected by the relevant regulatory guidelines in the future. They knew that the domestic steel products market ushered in a long-awaited turnaround. The quotations of raw materials including I-beam and iron ore have experienced a wave of rising process. In this year, China’s urbanization construction will enter a substantial period, including the initiation of basic projects, power construction and railway construction will affect the consumption of I-beams. Whether the current situation of overcapacity of I-beams can be changed is welcome. The primary question that comes to the current dilemma lies in the fact that relevant analysts believe that in the mid-winter season, the order volume of I-beam manufacturers is not lively, and the tight funding is also a very practical description. However, in the next few months, as the climate picks up, the middle and lower reaches of the shopping malls will surely rise. The quotation of I-beam mainly depends on the quotation of iron ore raw materials and the supply-demand relationship of the market. For a long period of time, the situation of oversupply of I-beam in the market has continued, which has hindered the increase in the quotation of I-beam. However, the industry believes that the market for I-beam in 2013 must be much more than that of 2012. Due to the strength of urbanization construction and steel products futures quotations, it is a powerful plant for I-beam to recover. The current financial characteristics of I-beam are gradually In the recession, the person in charge of I-beam manufacturers believes that the increase in I-beam quotations will no longer be long after the high production capacity of I-beam is consumed.
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