The development of steel plate cutting

by:ChangZeng     2021-02-22
How to use the products processed by zero-cut steel plate! The main market demand for steel plate zero-cutting is currently relatively large, and the application is also very common! Then how to use the products processed by zero-cut steel plate: suitable for use in homes. Hospitals, factories, shops, supermarkets, Internet cafes, furniture factories, etc., fix the bracket on the wall, put wooden boards and other boards to become Beautiful brackets, racks, shelves, wall shelves, etc., in the room, you can put computers on them, humorous decorations, and triangle brackets in the furniture, and then put them on it can be used as a micro-boiler bracket or seasoning Material box, balcony, you can put flowers on the bracket, air-conditioning case. The storage room is convenient for your use, the equipment is convenient and fast, the appearance is handled, it will not rust, and it saves space, which can completely meet your needs. If you need to place it Items, but they need to be precise and not a tripod! Generally speaking, Q345B steel plate can be divided into two-dimensional imager and three-dimensional measuring instrument. Their development also directly determines the entire industry. Unfold. And our analysis of the development of the industry, the analysis of the steel cutting processing industry's promotion of innovation and sales recovery, is mainly for the development of these two types of instruments. The first is the two-dimensional image measuring instrument. As the foundation of steel plate cutting and processing, the image measuring instrument has gradually matured from entering the domestic market to usual, so the development of the two-dimensional image instrument is complete without worry. The second is the three-dimensional measuring machine. As the upgraded instrument of the two-dimensional image measuring instrument, the three-dimensional is not very mature in many aspects, so the development of some aspects is still not satisfactory, but as the main tool for three-dimensional inspection, the three-dimensional is in the market The ratio of China to large. From the above two points, we can make a rough conclusion. Although there are some small roundabouts and obstacles in the development of steel products plate cutting processing, overall, the development situation of the industry is still very good, whether it is a two-dimensional The image measuring instrument is still a three-coordinate measuring machine, and the steel plate cutting processing industry is advancing steadily in the chapter. As a domestic fine steel plate cutting plus, both in terms of two-dimensional imager and standard, it leads the development of the domestic steel plate cutting industry with advanced technology. During the cutting process of the steel products plate by the CNC cutting machine, the temperature near the cut has already exceeded the temperature required for the elastic deformation limit of the metal, which causes the plastic deformation of the steel, which continues until it is cooled to the original temperature and constitutes the final deformation, which is called Thermal deformation for cutting. Because the CNC cutting machine is controlled by calculation, the shape and size of the workpiece must be input into the program, and the coordinate positioning of the cutting position will not be changed correspondingly due to the deformation of the steel plate. Therefore, the size of the workpiece after cutting is in error with the original size, which requires thinking about deformation Elements. The thermal deformation is mainly caused by the following three factors. 1 The influence of the part cutting procedure 2 The improper selection of cutting technology parameters Cutting process parameters mainly include cutting gas, cutting oxygen pressure, preheating oxygen pressure, gas cutting speed, and the interval between the cutting nozzle and the surface of the steel plate. The choice of preheating oxygen pressure and cutting nozzle should be based on the material and material, and the cutting oxygen should be moderate. 3 The supporting surface of the steel plate is not flat.
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