The current development trend of the steel industry

by:ChangZeng     2021-02-21
The downward trend of angle steel needs to gradually weaken. Selling pressure will increase. In the short term, as the temperature drops, downward trend will gradually weaken, and the pressure on steel sales will increase. Most steel mills still lack determination regarding the iron ore market outlook. The weak consolidation will continue. Judging from the trend of iron ore quotations in the next year, iron ore quotations will continue to rebound due to the need for recovery and inflation factors. From the perspective of downstream demand, domestic steel demand will rise significantly. Angle Judging from the investment projects approved by the relevant state departments at that time, a large number of them are attributed to transportation projects, especially village rail transit projects. This type of investment steel is very expensive, and the use of mechanical equipment and material transportation are added. Investment in the construction of domestic environmental protection, residents and national defense will also generate more steel demand. The successful turnaround of angle steel enterprises at that time, in a sense, Q345B angle steel represented the development of the domestic steel industry at that time, indicating that as the domestic economy rebounded in the fourth quarter, the market’s domestic demand expanded, and steel mills were gradually turning losses into favourable development. At present, domestic steel quotations have risen slightly. Although the ups and downs are not large, the profit margins of the merchants have become more intense as the economic recovery signals. It will be sooner or later that the steel industry needs to improve. The starting point is naturally relatively low in developed countries. It is a mid-to-high-end product. Domestic market competition is fierce. The market price will naturally not be too high. Export price will also be controlled to facilitate the possession of the world market. This will inevitably lead to the suppression of foreign markets. The emergence of double reverse in foreign markets has greatly prevented the export of stainless steel seamless pipes, and China’s seamless pipe markets have been severely affected. The key elements of the future steel market are relatively strong demand and the same fast-growing supply. Will the balance achieved be broken? Does the weak fixed asset investment match the social spending ability? Will the violent turmoil in the world economic situation lead to a hard landing of the Chinese economy? These factors determine the direction of angle steel operations in the future, and many uncertain factors have also added to the danger of the operation of the non-angle steel market, which requires careful response from the relevant people in the market. The disadvantaged situation of lower-class manufacturing industries such as automobiles and home appliances has already affected the domestic spot steel market. According to analysis, the domestic construction steel market shakes down. The cuts required by shopping malls have a greater impact on the unfavorable effects of the spot market. In addition, the domestic construction of steel plants tends to be cautious in pricing policy, which psychologically impacts the market's determination in expectations. According to the light status of recent transactions, steel prices will remain stable. The quotations of angle steel malls continue to show a slight decline, mall transactions continue to be sluggish, and the low-level acquisition needs have not shown any significant improvement. The merchants still have a strong wait-and-see attitude, and therefore the central needs of the malls continue to be sluggish. The angle steel mills have also hesitated to issue a quotation policy. The latest hot-rolling quotation policy of steel mills is basically based on flat plate and downward adjustment. However, there are other factors that support steel products prices.
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