The biggest advantage and the biggest use of steel plate

by:ChangZeng     2021-02-23
Nowadays, the most common two kinds of stainless steel plates are the same, so the difference in chemical composition between them is that there is Mo in it, which is universally recognized. In addition, the corrosion resistance of stainless steel plate is better than that of stainless steel plate, and it has excellent corrosion resistance in high temperature environment. Therefore, under normal high temperature environment, engineers will choose stainless steel plate parts, but not Not all of them are used. For example, in the environment of concentrated sulfuric acid, do not use it even at high temperature, otherwise the result will be very serious. Generally, people who have studied machinery have learned threads, all to prevent the threads from being seized under high temperature conditions. This is why a black solid lubricant should be changed. In addition, because the stainless steel plate is processed by hot rolling or cold rolling during the processing and production process, some cracks may occur on the surface or the thickness is uneven. If the stainless steel plate is not polished, the surface roughness is not low. Yes, but when there is no special demand for appearance, it will not affect the application. There are also some unpreventable conditions for stainless steel plate rolled pipes, such as rolling blue lines, inner heavy leather, etc. Although it does not affect the use, the best procurement situation is relatively small. Today's steel mills only need to be forced to postpone the shipment of Q345B steel plates to the mine, and then the stock is the primary content based on the joke. However, even if the iron ore quotation brings a lot of pressure, the steel mills cannot bear it. However, after a few adjustments, I still feel some surprises. Constantly working with excellent quality and characteristics, and the scale of use is getting wider and wider, and the production and demand are continuing to increase development trend, as a comparison of general-purpose stainless steel plates, after cold rolling Highly functional products are widely used in various fields such as equipment in the video industry and electronics. Because the use of each category is different, the requirements are also different, especially when the thickness of stainless steel is small, it is extremely important to provide large functions for cold working. The production parameters have a great influence on the arrangement and function. The test data can be divided into on-site optimized production and improved functions. As a major international steel country, China has also developed various stainless steel plate industries. However, some manufacturers are selfish and have processed some defective stainless steel plates to replace stainless steel materials with relatively high costs. The various functions of defective stainless steel should not be confused with high-quality stainless steel. Whether it is service life or corrosion resistance and various characteristics, defective stainless steel is not qualified. Therefore, when purchasing stainless steel, broad consumers must pay attention to the following points: For example, when we need to purchase stainless steel plates, we must ask for a quality certificate from the manufacturer. If there are quality problems in the future, we can use the certificate as proof. At the same time, pay attention to whether the words 'stainless steel plate' are printed on the surface of the stainless steel pipe. Compared with the raw material of stainless steel plate, the price of stainless steel plate is generally higher than that of stainless steel plate. If the price of stainless steel plate is lower than that of stainless steel plate in the stainless steel plate market, then you must pay attention to distinguish it. It may be fake and inferior raw materials, because it The cost is relatively low. If the business needs to purchase large quantities of stainless steel plate raw materials, the stainless steel plate can be sent to the national prestigious testing organization for composition testing by sampling inspection. Because the corrosion resistance of high-quality stainless steel plates is relatively good, it is the simplest and most useful method to test stainless steel plates and stainless steel plates with acid reagents. Drop the acid solution on the appearance of the two stainless steel plates, but the stainless steel products plates will not change color. It is the most fundamental difference between high-quality stainless steel and defective stainless steel.
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