steel tubing 's qualifications and internationally authoritative certifications
Steel tubing has been granted with a number of qualifications and internationally authoritative certifications. As the certifications being required vary by the country of origin and the intended sales markets, please consult our Customer Service for the specific certifications. Product testing and certification do not in themselves produce high-quality products, but they ensure a quality assurance process for the design and manufacture of the product. And these products have been tested typically have testing marks. In Shanghai ChangZeng Metal Co., Ltd. , quality standards go beyond testing procedures and look at the quality of product design and manufacturing practices.
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The company has a group of steel coil professional and technical personnel who are in the leading position in China. ChangZeng's steel tubing series include multiple types. The newly launched products by ChangZengwere all completed by the internationally renowned design company. It can be cold rolled to be smoother and have more precise dimensions. ChangZeng'tailor make' our steel products to meet the requirements of our clients. It can be hot rolled to have malleability.
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Our company incorporates environmentally-friendly and sustainable practices. We adopt more energy-efficient production methods and machines for minimizing environmental impact.

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