Steel plate price index continues to rise

by:ChangZeng     2021-02-20
In the recent domestic steel products plate market, although the transaction has picked up, it has not yet returned to a normal level. While the merchants are raising their quotations, they are also considering potential risks, and they will ship when they have the opportunity to ship. The unreliability of the steel plate market keeps the steel plate market volatile. According to monitoring, in the past week, the domestic steel plate spot market rose first and then stabilized. The main supporting factors for the current market upward trend are high costs and relatively low total inventory. At the beginning of the week, Shagang raised a new round of ex-factory prices for steel plates. Affected by this, the market expects that the cost of delivery may rise again in the later period, which constitutes an 'unreliable' stimulus for businesses. Worried that demand cannot keep up.' The practice of the market also indicates that although the transaction has picked up, it has not returned to a normal level, and the support for the market is still relatively limited. Many merchants have thought about the potential risks, their operations have gradually stabilized and their willingness to ship goods has increased. According to analysis, the domestic construction steel plate market is 'passively going upIt can barely maintain a relative equilibrium, but it still makes people feel that there is a “potential risk.” Market participants say that after the steel plate manufacturers in East China have increased their prices significantly, the spot market can only increase prices under “passive capital advancement”. After a short follow-up, it turned into a downturn. The hot-rolled coil market showed a slight upward trend, and the related electronic disk forward prices continued to rise. But whether it was the China Logistics and Purchasing Association or HSBC China’s July procurement announcement The index is falling, which is enough to prove the relative downturn in downstream demand in the current market. Downstream demand is sluggish, and market transactions mainly rely on non-terminal support. Once the market mentality changes, market transactions and prices cannot be pessimistic. Prices in the cold-rolled market are rising steadily. However, the transaction has not been released significantly. However, the merchant’s mentality is still more pessimistic, and the mentality of “bullying and reluctant to sell” is more obvious. Market participants reflect that domestic cold-rolled inventories have been declining. After a period of inventoryization, domestic cold-rolled The resource supply in the market is tight. Some businesses have different types and specifications, and some are even 'out of stock.' This is one of the main reasons for the recent rebound in cold-rolled coil prices. Many merchants predict that Baosteel will raise its September cold-rolled ex-factory price. If this is the case, the bottom of the cold-rolled coil price in the spot market will be further 'hardened.' However, we must not be overly pessimistic about the late market, and the potential risks of the market should not be ignored. According to the analysis of institutional analysts, after the price of steel plates rises, market transactions have slowed down significantly. Although most businesses have the 'mood' to increase, they are still not very confident. Overall, the domestic spot steel products market is still dominated by shocks. The ups and downs are difficult to distinguish, which is a major feature of the 'shock market.'
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