Steel maintenance needs to strengthen material maintenance

by:ChangZeng     2021-02-24
Keep the warehouse clean and strengthen the maintenance of materials 1) Before entering the warehouse, the materials should be protected from rain or mixed with impurities. The materials that have been rained or contaminated should be cleaned by different methods according to their properties, such as a wire brush with high hardness. , Low-hardness cloth, cotton, etc. 2) The material should be checked frequently after storage. If there is rust, the rust layer should be removed. 3) After the surface of general steel is cleaned, it is not necessary to apply oil, but for high-quality steel products and alloy thin steel plate , Thin-walled pipes, alloy steel products pipes, etc., after rust removal, the internal and external surfaces of the steel products should be coated with anti-rust oil before storage. 4) For steel with severe corrosion, it is not suitable for long-term storage after rust removal and should be used as soon as possible
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