Steel fabrication can be complicated

by:ChangZeng     2020-05-01
Depending on the type of steel you are using, may steel manufacturing be a success or a disaster.There are several types of steel alloys on the market, each with different components and features that may affect the results of manufacture.Basically, you need to check certain factors before deciding on the type of steel alloy you need to make.Understanding the types of this will help to understand the complexity of steel manufacturing.One of the first issues to consider is machining hardening.Basically, this determines how hard a manufacturing will be after cold machining.The cold hardening rate of different alloys is different.For example, the hardening rate of Ferritic steel is generally low.On the other hand, the hardening rate of aoshi steel is much higher.The method of hardening is different.For example, stainless steel can be hardened only by cold processing, while stainless steel can also be treated in other ways.Now, this hardening rate also determines the magnetic properties, which is another important factor in manufacturing.Generally speaking, the alloy with the highest hardening rate is processed, and its magnetic conductivity is the highest.In manufacturing, the forming speed of the alloy is also a very important factor to consider.The longer it takes to restore the original form, the greater the chance of deformation of the alloy.The second important thing is the difficulty of processing alloys.Usually, OHS stainless steel is a problem for most operators.In fact, the difficulty of using the machine on this type gave birth to level 303, a free version of the machine.Well, there are a lot of similar options for martensitic and Ferritic steel.In most cases, the free version of these machines includes manganese sulfide.They act as chip breakers, thus improving the results of using the machine on the chip breaker.However, it must be noted here that the corrosion resistance of the free machine class is low compared to other versions.This is because these versions include non-metallic elements, so these alloys should not be used in corrosive environments such as ocean exposure.In addition, the sulfur content of the free machine grade is high, which reduces the scalability of the alloy.So, you can\'t bend them in a narrow radius.It also becomes very difficult to weld.Therefore, they should not be selected for welding manufacturing.
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