stainless steel tube - how is it made?

by:ChangZeng     2020-06-05
Stainless steel pipe is basically a closed shape structure for many structural functions.
The shape of the stainless steel pipe can be round, square or rectangular, or it can be made according to the requirements of the specific application.
The outer diameter of the 1 inch round pipe is 1 inch, while the inner diameter of the 1 inch round pipe is 1 inch.
The reason behind this is that the external part of the pipe is important in the construction structure, and the internal part of the pipe is important in fluid flow.
There are two kinds of seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe.
The latter begins to be flat, while the former begins in a furnace. 1.
Seamless: the manufacturing process of seamless pipes mainly starts with electric furnaces.
The steel was later cast into ingots or repeatedly cast as flowers.
The latter was then involved in the billet, which was subsequently pulled on the perforated tool to become a tube with the help of two external rollers.
These rollers form a certain angle to each other, helping to move the billet.
This is the point where the \"rough\" tube is formed.
It is then placed in an elongation, and with the help of three rollers and the internal core shaft, the tube is given the final outer diameter and wall thickness. 2.
Welding: this type of steel pipe is made of heat-rolled or cold-
Pour the rolled steel of the coil into the pipe manufacturer.
Coils can be processed to remove unwanted scales and improve finish if needed.
The coil then passes through the rollers with grooves until the shape is formed and the free edge is properly formed for welding.
After the edge of the tube is welded together, the external and sometimes internal welding residues are removed.
After all of these processes, the tube is manufactured to pass through two semi-circular rollers, which helps to bring the tube to the final required size.
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