stainless pipe cutting

by:ChangZeng     2020-06-03
Stainless steel is a mixture of various metal alloys for rust prevention.
The main ingredient is a mixture of at least 12% chromium.
When combined with oxygen, it forms a passive film layer that is resistant to rust and stains.
Stainless steel pipes are made of non-ferrous metals.
This makes it difficult to cut and drill pipes with traditional tools.
These difficulties are added by different pipe grades and thicknesses.
Cutting the stainless steel pipe when the stainless steel pipe cutter is in contact with the stainless steel pipe, the pipe becomes hard and therefore difficult to cut.
If the stainless steel pipe overheat when cutting the pipe, it may cause the pipe to change color or twist.
Straight cutting and burrs cutting steps for stainless steel pipes-
Free, burrs-
As described below, free and straight cutting is completed: 1.
Cut stainless steel pipe 2.
Stone Wheel disassembly using desktop grinder
Tube burrs 3.
Clean the edge of the tube 4 with a wire wheel on the bench grinder.
Polish the tube to flat with a Sander.
Clean with a wire wheel.
In order to ensure that the cut is flat and burrs free, it may be necessary to weld it to another part of some of the above steps.
Very time consuming.
Cutting stainless steel pipe
The two recommended methods solbang pipe saw are recommended for cutting and tilting stainless steel pipes.
The saw blade is small, rotating at high speed and cheap, with different versions for different materials and wall thickness.
The cutting is performed by manually rotating the machine housing around the pipe at 360 degrees.
Next, cut the pipe with a circular tooth blade, with one rotation.
The cutting action takes only a few seconds and the final result is a straight clean cut.
The portable band saw cutter must have sufficient power and firmness.
The guide saw eliminates most of the vibration.
In order to prevent the tool from riding on the stainless steel pipe track, stable feeding is the most important.
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