stainless pipe clamps along with an amazing tripod vise

by:ChangZeng     2020-07-03
Pipe clamps for mounting and aligning stainless steel pipes and fittings are almost the same. Right? Wrong.
A company offers truly innovative pipe clamps and the most efficient tripod vise I \'ve ever seen for mounting and welding stainless steel pipes.
We \'ve all used the old red tripod for years and it\'s OK for spiral tubes, but for sticky welding fittings on pipes, they\'re awkward at best.
I mean, how exactly should you hold 90 elbows in one hand, tig torch in the other and fill Rod in the other?
Three hands!
Count Jim Sonny
This innovative \"tripod vise\" offered by TechSouth Inc. is not a chain vise with tiger feet that can dig into polished stainless steel pipes
Features a clamping tool that is actually designed to fit stainless steel pipes and fittings with chin marks together, without contamination of iron particles, which can cause rust.
One man has only two hands. Right?
However, two hands are enough for one person to install, secure and weld stainless steel pipes with this unique tripod vise.
It\'s actually called the Clark quick switch\"
Industrial folding platform.
The word \"tripod vise\" is not fair at all.
It is in a class itself.
Of course, this tripod vise is suitable for any material type, but since it is made of materials that do not pollute stainless steel pipes and fittings with iron particles. TechSouth Inc.
There are also many other innovative products for welding, assembly and welding of stainless steel pipes and pipes.
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