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by:ChangZeng     2020-06-26
The metal sheet was once placed in the dark interior of the building, and now its position in the sun is getting bigger and bigger.
Industry experts say its use as a central design element has increased over the past few years as buildings recover from the slowdown after 9/11 attacks and a metal vision of a landmarkA.
Communication of architects.
\"You can take a look at all the buildings designed and built by Frank Gaili to see how popular the metal has become,\" said rosalyard Raymond, spokesman for the sheet metal and air conditioning contractor National Assn.
Refers to the designer of the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.
The sheet metal market is expanding rapidly and growing rapidly.
From 2002 to 2005, an average of $ 7% per year, when manufacturers increased sales to contractors and other customers by $15 billion.
According to Catalina research, this happened after an average annual growth rate of 1% over the past five years.
Construction sheet metal is a type used to cover and roof buildings, not to lay pipes or form cars, which constitutes a quarter of the market, the research company said. \"L. A.
\"It\'s the place of plaster, so give me anything that\'s not plaster,\" said architect Lawrence Scarpa . \" The low maintenance and high recovery content of sheet metal increases its appeal, he added.
His Santa Monica.
Headquartered in the poggerkalapa architects, it often deals with metals.
The main beneficiaries of the increasing popularity of metals: Contractors specializing in construction purposes. Orange-
Construction sheet metal contractor CMF Inc.
, Installed aluminum \"skin\" around Staples Center and 4,000 stainless steel\"
Steel panels at the Disney Concert Hall say the number and scale of its projects are soaring.
Most of the company\'s projects averaged $100,000 or less in 2000, Dave Duclett said.
Boss of founder Paul Keohane.
The roster of its current and future work includes 15 projects, at least $1 million, and several others easily exceed that number.
\"The use of sheet metal in the building is taking off,\" said Duclett, whose company is one of the largest sheet metal contractors in Southern California.
\"It\'s like fashion styles that have been popular and outdated for years.
I think metal really belongs to itself.
\"Cimco Exchange & Sheet Metal Co. , Ltd.
In Santa Fe Springs, the business has grown by 10% to 20% over the past five years. Gardena-
Sheet metal based on Weiss also noted an increase in demand for building sheet metal.
Andrei Salai, president of the company, said the recent construction boom has stimulated demand, resulting in a potential growth rate of 10% to 15% for Wes this year.
He said the advantages of metal buildings have also played a role.
\"Metals tend to last longer and have less maintenance,\" he said . \".
They are very aesthetically pleasing.
\"Building sheet metal has come a long way since it began to be widely used at the beginning of the last century, when they are mainly used for waterproof buildings and for increasing decorative incidentals such as corn and pumpkins.
Architects and contractors say metal is now at the center of more and more projects.
They have a wide range of materials including familiar aluminum, copper, zinc and stainless steel, as well as new alloys and composites.
Supporters point out that modern technology makes metal appear in a previously unimaginable form.
The metal can be wrinkled into leather, baked with enamel to produce color, or aged with chemical treatment.
Its gloss and shape can also be manipulated.
\"Depending on how you treat metals, you can do a lot of things with metals,\" said Bill Blackstone, technical consultant at the Los Angeles division of the sheet metal contractor group.
Architect Frederick Eckerman, who is the head of Frederick Fisher, Los Angeles, and partner Architects, said that over the past five years he has worked with more and more projects that require metal ---
It was caught by other architects.
He said: \"Before, it was just on the hangar and the shed, and stuff like that, but now it\'s a little funky.
\"The durability of the metal benefits it, he said, just like the creative possibilities it allows.
For example, Cor-
Ten steel, one slow. to-
The rust alloy used by Eckerman to wrap the Santa Barbara house creates a rusty, aging look.
Corrugated metal can create a more industrialized look, he said.
David montaba of Santa Monica said that increasing customer satisfaction with this material may also increase its visibility
Based in Montalba Architects
Perhaps 10 years ago, he said, customers were less likely to appreciate the use of metal.
\"Most customers are happy with what they have seen before.
Now, they see a lot, and it has become more and more common for them to feel comfortable with it.
\"Building sheet metal is not cheap, and people working with it have pointed out that the recent rise in raw material prices has pushed up costs even more.
Wayne Chambers of Coast sheet metal said: \"I will add it every two weeks . \"in Costa Mesa.
Chambers estimates that his raw material costs have risen third this year, largely because copper prices have risen to their highest levels.
Last month\'s new high.
Metal dealers say scarcity is the reason for rising prices, as is China\'s building boom and cutting metal production at the same time.
But the metal project, which will play the leading role in the region, continues.
The Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles began construction at a cost of $1. 5-
Across the street from Staples Center is a billion entertainment and hotel complex.
The CMF will cover the theater with 85,000 square feet of metal paneling. Irvine-
Headquartered in Atlas sheet metal
This year, when it collides or roof over 10 schools and 40 custom homes, more shiny gadgets will be created.
Jim odrum, president of Atlas, tried to explain metal\'s appeal.
\"You know, it\'s a different, modern look? \" he said.
\"This is a beautiful material.
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