Several process issues involved in steel plate cutting

by:ChangZeng     2021-02-20
Generally speaking, steel plate cutting processing can be divided into two kinds of two-dimensional imager and three-dimensional coordinate measuring instrument. Their development also directly determines the development of the entire profession. And we analyze the development of the profession, the analysis of the improvement in sales of the steel plate cutting and processing profession, and the analysis of the improvement in sales, mainly for the development of these two types of equipment. The first is the two-dimensional impression measuring instrument. As the foundation of steel products plate cutting and processing, the impression measuring instrument has gradually become sophisticated since it entered the domestic market. Therefore, the development of the two-dimensional impression measuring instrument is completely free from worry. The second is the three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine. As the upgraded instrument of the two-dimensional impression measuring instrument, the three-dimensional is not very sophisticated in many aspects, so the development of some aspects is still not perfect, but as the first thing in the three-dimensional inspection, the three-dimensional is in the market. China still holds a considerable share. From the above two points, we can get a rough conclusion about the Q345B steel plate. The steel plate cutting process has been carried out throughout the year. Although there are some small bends and obstacles, the overall situation is the development of the profession. It is still a great success, whether it is a two-dimensional impression measuring instrument or a three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine, the steel plate cutting and processing profession is moving forward steadily in an orderly manner. As the leader of the domestic fine steel products plate cutting and processing profession, whether in terms of the two-dimensional imager or the three-dimensional coordinate, it leads the development of the domestic steel plate cutting and processing profession with leading skills and excellent products. Laser cutting is to use a concentrating mirror to gather the laser beam on the surface of the data to melt the data, and to use the coaxial compressed gas of the laser beam to blow away the melted data, and to make the laser beam and the data move relative to a certain track, and then form Cut seams of a certain shape. The rapid development of laser cutting technology and the increasing use of it is a leading processing method, especially suitable for cutting steel plates. During the cutting process of the steel plate in the CNC cutting machine, the temperature near the cut has already exceeded the temperature required for the elastic deformation limit of the metal, and then the plastic deformation of the steel continues until the final deformation formed after it has cooled to the original temperature. This is called incision thermal deformation. Because the CNC cutting and starting is a calculation and control, the shape and size of the workpiece must be input into the program, and the position and azimuth coordinate positioning of the cutting position will not be changed correspondingly due to the deformation of the steel products plate. Therefore, the size of the workpiece after the cutting is wrong with the original size. Need to think about the deformation elements. The thermal deformation is mainly caused by the following three factors. 1 . The influence of part cutting procedure 2. Incorrect selection of cutting technology parameters Cutting technology parameters mainly include cutting air, cutting oxygen pressure, preheating oxygen pressure, cutting speed, and the interval between the cutting nozzle and the surface of the steel plate. The cutting gas pressure, cutting speed, preheating oxygen pressure and cutting nozzle selection should be based on the thickness of the steel plate and raw materials, and the cutting oxygen pressure should be adjusted appropriately. 3. Uneven steel plate bearing surface
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