seamless structural steel pipe application

by:ChangZeng     2020-07-07
The application environment of seamless steel pipe is different, and the choice of materials will be different.
There are many factors that affect the service life of seamless steel pipe structure. . .
The application environment of seamless steel pipe is different, and the material selection will be different.
There are many factors affecting the service life of seamless steel pipe structure, and chemical products and their concentration, atmospheric conditions, temperature and time have a great impact.
So if you don\'t understand the structural features of the seamless steel pipe material, it\'s hard to use the material and choose the material.
Type Structure and various features and applications of seamless steel pipe materials: Type 304 runs through the use of materials.
Can withstand corrosion in buildings and resist erosion of food processing media (
However, high temperature erosion may occur in the state of strong acid and chlorine)
It can resist organic compounds, dyes and various inorganic compounds. 304 l (low carbon)
, Good resistance to nitric acid, durable medium temperature and sulfuric acid concentration, in the entire land used for liquid gas storage tanks, instruments for low temperature equipment (304 n)
Waste water from other consumer goods, kitchen equipment, hospital equipment, transportation and treatment devices.
Type 316 contains slightly more than 304 nickel, while molybdenum is 2%-3%, and its corrosion resistance is better than Type 304, especially in chlorine media that often cause certain erosion.
Since the 316 type is durable sulfuric acid, it is used as a sulfuric acid pulp machine.
Moreover, its use must deal with many chemical products in the processing industry.
Type 317 contains 3%-
Molybdenum (4%)
The level of this series is relatively high)
And contains more than 316 types of chromium, with higher anti-erosion and pore erosion functions. Type 430-
The type 430 alloy is low in content, such as high polishing and decorative use in a warm atmosphere, and is also used in nitric acid and food processing equipment.
Type 410 is the lowest among the three general purpose stainless steel alloy contents and requires the use of strength and coated steel pipe components, such as firmness.
Type 410 in warm atmosphere, water circles and many medium chemical corrosion products.
Type 2205 304 and Type 2205 are advantageous because the structure of the tube he has a high resistance to cl stress corrosion cracking force.
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