seamless steel tube is used for material

by:ChangZeng     2020-05-29
There are the following points about the material of seamless steel pipe.
For example, the main pipe of the car pipe, the West gas East station, the bottom pipe, the special cylinder, the support pipe, etc. 1.
Car tube (
Special for Buick)
The trail high-pressure boiler tube is produced according to domestic and foreign standards or industry standards, and can produce 10 °c, 15 CrMoG, 12 cr1movg, T12 ~ T91 series steel pipe. 2.
Station on the west line-
GB/t97 11 East gas pipeline.
2 L245NB 1146, 895, etc. 3.
The submarine tube API5L X52 PSL2 φ 8910 and φ 114. 311. 1. 4.
Oil field pipe N80 is not adjustable pipe API 5 CT φ 139. 77.
72 J55 tubing API 5 CT 735. 51 5.
Special ASTM A53 steel pipe Truss arm pipe (overall)
Protocol standard, 20mn2b, 20mn φ, 14615, etc.
For crawler crane with lifting equipment. 6.
T91, steel 102 series high-special cylinder and support pipe
Gb53 10-pressure boiler tube
1995, suitable for high temperature and high pressure environment of thermal power plant. 7.
Rear axle tube 35 MnVN for tractor, rear axle for track tractor. 8.
Ultra-high-strength structural tubes 35 mnsi for military and aircraft landing gears, 30 mcsini2a, 20mn shaft tubes, φ 17812, φ 12719, etc. 9.
The standard of rock bottle pipe agreement is J55, φ 266, φ 316, etc.
Dam reinforcement for highway and large hydropower stations. 10.
GB/T17396 hydraulic support tube-
1998, SiMn 27, for the fixing of Coal Mine underground operation support. 11.
Medium carbon steel seamless steel pipes produce boilers and overheated ASTM A210, 210 c, φ 606 According to US standards. 12.
Car half shaft tube, YB/t5035-1996, 45Mn245.
13 19216000-long tube heat exchanger-
21000, for heat exchanger. 14.
But with seamless tubes,
1,485, used to speed up the CR * Rod frame of the train. 15.
Directional spiral seamless 1232 rocket.
2, MP16Mn, GJB459-88. 16.
Water corrosion resistant tube Q/CG41, 10crmoa1, 1084, 252. 5. 16.
Submersible motor shaft tube 3111 agreement standard, 3613.
5, 40 cr, 35 crmov for pump motor shaft. 17.
GB/T18984 for low temperature pipes-
2003, 09 DG, 10 mndg, 09 mn2vdg, B655, for the flow pipeline and nuclear power plant pipeline in the petrochemical industry under low temperature environment. 18.
Soldiers use pure iron tube DT3710 Super barrel 15 cdv6 20, straight barrel 9. 19.
GB13296-boiler, stainless steel seamless steel pipe for heat exchanger
1991, 0 cr89ti, 0 cr811ti Phi, 1928900, etc. 20.
Precision seamless steel pipe 10, 20 and other periscope tube, car, motorcycle shock absorber. 21.
Tow tube SAE1035, 10095 a snap ring.
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