Sales performance of the company's Q345B steel plate this quarter

by:ChangZeng     2021-02-22
There are many types of cracking stripes on the surface of medium and heavy plates. According to the appearance of cracking stripes, they can be divided into: longitudinal cracking stripes, horizontal cracking stripes, network cracking stripes, star cracks, etc. From August to October 2011, a batch of Q345B steel continuous casting billets with specifications of 250mm×1600mm in the steel products company showed a large number of small longitudinal cracking stripes on the surface after rolling. The cracking stripes were deep and could not be removed by grinding, and the appearance appeared small. The steel plate with longitudinal cracking stripes is usually a single furnace or continuous furnaces in the continuous casting process. The cracking stripes are relatively concentrated and the amount is large, which has seriously affected the normal consumption of the product and the regular delivery of the contract. In order to analyze the causes of small longitudinal cracks in Q345B steel plates, since August 2011, cracking fringe research experiments have been launched. The semi-annual results are in line with expectations. Q345B steel plate completed revenue of 6.263 billion in the first half of 2010, a year-on-year increase of 22%; weighted average return on net assets was 6.4%, an increase of 7.46 percentage points year-on-year; completed a net commission of 117 million attributable to the parent company, equivalent to EPS of 0.17 yuan, compared with the previous year During the same period, there was a substantial increase (the net withdrawal attributable to the parent company was 18.5 million yuan in the same period last year), which is in line with our and market expectations. The increase in efficiency mainly lies in the effective grasp of market demand, the constant progress of the technical and economic indicators for tapping the potential of the benchmark, and the effective development of new products. In 2009, the company's steel plate output was ranked first in the world, and revenue and commissions showed a quarterly increase. In 2009, 8,176,900 tons of iron were produced; 9,456,100 tons of steel were produced, of which steel plates were 2,479,700 tons; and 912,700 tons of billets were produced, including 2,234,400 tons of stainless billets. The company's steel plate output ranks first in the world. The company’s revenue from suspension of operations and commissions have continued to rise. Although they have fallen in the 2010 quarter, they have remained high. As the company's output grows and steel prices rise, the company's revenue will continue to rise. The profitability of General in 2009 was higher than that of steel plate. In 2009, the company's revenue, General contributed a 54% commission with 28% of its revenue, which shows that the profitability of General is higher than that of steel. Entering 2010, the price of steel plates has continued to rise, and profitability can gradually increase. It is estimated that it will become the main provider of the company's commission in 2010. However, due to the company's production capacity restrictions, the scene of common support between ordinary steel and stainless will still be maintained. The company's original information has outstanding advantages. The group company has iron ore, with an iron ore self-sufficiency rate of more than 50%, and the purchase price is always lower than 15% of the market price; the company is located in the coking coal production area Q345B steel plate, and the coking coal that can be purchased at a discount has outstanding cost advantages. Can effectively resist the volatility of raw material market prices. The gross profit per ton of steel takes the lead in the industry, and the net commission per ton of steel is above the middle of the industry: After the company’s targeted additional issuance of assets in 2009, due to the integration of the pre-process commission from mining to sintering, the gross profit per ton of steel increased significantly (April 2010 Counter-cyclical operation'). The reporting period was RMB 410/ton, a record high in 5 years, leading the industry. However, at the same time, sales expenses and management expenses also rose sharply compared with those before additional issuance and acquisition, which greatly offset the increase in gross profit. In the first half of the year, the net commission per ton of steel was listed in the upper middle of the industry. In addition, the additional issuance in 2009 greatly diluted the steel production per share, which has a dilutive effect on this year's EPS.
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