review of thermos foogo stainless steel straw bottle for kids

by:ChangZeng     2020-07-04
CupI, a BPA-free child, goes for a non-
Once it is found that the polycarbonate bottle will filter harmful double phenol, there is a toxic alternative to my daughter\'s tube CupA (BPA)
To their content.
I chose to find a non.
Active stainless steel travel cup.
The Thermos Foogo series provides stainless steel insulated food containers for children of 6 months or more. A double-
There are treated tube cups, grass bottles and food cans.
\"Vacuum\" of the board Foogo website
Insulated stainless steel for interior and exterior
The soft drink mouth is reactive to all foods and beverages and is made of a \"food contact safety\" Thermoplastic elastic material (TPE)
The valve plate and cover are made of polypropylene (PP5)
, All materials are FDA approved, and all plastics used for hot water bottle Foogo products are BPA-free. \"Foogo Leak-
Proof tube bottle (5 out of 5)
The Foogo grass bottle is a quality product that has performed well in the past two years.
The product claims a leak-
Proof, though I drop off the straw occasionally.
If I double check and adjust the connection between the straw, valve plate and cover, the leak stops.
The Foogo container needs to be cleaned manually after each use (
The dishwasher is not recommended by the Thermos company, but if you have to make sure you only use the Top Shelf).
I don\'t mind washing the grass bottle by hand, although I do it once in a while with a dishwasher.
The grass bottle is completely disassembled and consists of five parts.
To scrub clean, straws and mouthpiece can be difficult, but you can scrub things inside using a plumbing cleaner or other tool.
I am always impressed with the time it takes to keep things in the bottle cool.
If you put the cup in the refrigerator, the contents will keep cool for a longer time.
While I can\'t guarantee how long the milk will stay fresh, I know my daughter\'s juice or tea will stay cool for hours.
During regular use over the past two years, the grass bottle has been slightly damaged.
When my daughter dropped the cup, the plastic ring on the bottom of the cup broke once.
Fortunately, the damage is only superficial.
However, let me unconsciously lose the plastic valve part of the cup from the garbage disposal.
I turned on the disposal device ,(oh, no! )
The resulting plastic debris makes Foogo unusable.
I was excited to find that replacement straw was available for only $1.
00 call each warm bottle customer service (1-800-831-9242).
You can find Foogo grass bottles from many retailers online (
Including Amazon and Target)for around $17. 00.
Know it\'s BPA-
Free and safe for my kids, I think it is essential to reduce waste associated with the past
Popular juice box.
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