Q345B steel plate trend

by:ChangZeng     2021-02-23
With the downturn of the steel industry, the price of Q345B steel plate has also declined. Today, the price of stainless steel in domestic shopping malls is steady and the transaction is normal. At the opening of the market today, the 304 quotations of stainless malls reported steady flow. Merchants operated cautiously, still focusing on transactions, but did not eliminate the ability of some merchants to tentatively increase their quotations by taking advantage of the rising price of nickel. It is reported that the transactions in shopping malls have definitely improved recently, but the overall performance is still normal, and it is difficult to boost the market's determination. Last night, the price of nickel continued to rise by 1.32%, and the technical surface of nickel is still in an upward channel. If the trend in the later period continues to be bright, it is estimated that the price of stainless steel will be weak and stable in the short term. According to the market monitoring of Lange Iron and Information Research Center, at press time: Wuxi Market 304/2B/2.0*1219 Lianzhong, Jiugang, Taiyuan Iron and , Zhangpu, Baoxin are around 15300-15600 yuan/ton. 304/NO.1/4.0*1500 Dongte, Jiugang, Lianzhong, Baosteel, Taiyuan Iron and 14100-15400 yuan/ton; LH/2B/2.0*1219 Lianzhong 9700 yuan/ton, LH/NO.1/4.0*1500 Lianzhong 8900 yuan/ton; 4302B/2.0*1219 Taiyuan 8400 yuan/ton; 430/NO.1/4.0*1219 Taiyuan Iron and 8300 yuan/ton. On the 13th, Inner Mongolia Chifeng Yuanlian raised the price of high line by 10 yuan, the price of coiled snails increased by 10 yuan, and the price of rebar increased by 10 yuan; on the 13th, Shanxi Wang Special 's price of rebar remained stable, and the price of coiled snails was reduced by 20 yuan. , The round price was lowered by 20 yuan; on the 13th, the ex-factory price of Qinhuangdao Anfeng high-speed wire was increased by 20 yuan; on the 13th, the rebar price of Xinfu remained stable, and the high-line price was reduced by 10 yuan; on the 13th, Guangzhou Yufeng The ex-factory price of high-speed wire is lowered by 30 yuan, the ex-factory price of secondary rebar is lowered by 30 yuan, the ex-factory price of third-grade rebar is lowered by 30 yuan, and the ex-factory price of plate screw is lowered by 30 yuan. Today, the domestic structural steel market is weak and stable, and the transaction is not good. Merchants report that recently, shopping malls usually ship around 100 tons for large households, while small and medium-sized households occasionally do not, with few shipments and negotiated amounts to warehouses, which increase their inventory. In the short term, the leading steel mills have high inventories, high shipping pressure, and the inventory of shopping malls has been difficult for a long time. Merchants indicated that if the recent market transactions do not improve, the downward trend of shopping malls’ quotations may continue. It is estimated that domestic structural steel market quotations will be Dangerous. According to the monitoring of the Lange Iron and Information Research Center shopping mall, Beijing shopping mall: 45# carbon structure steel: Linggang Φ90 or less reported 3360 yuan (ton price, the same below); 40Cr composite steel: Shigang Φ60-80 reported 4790 yuan; gear : 20CrMnTi JianlongΦ20-70 is quoted at 4000 yuan; chromium molybdenum steel 20/42CrMo: JianlongΦ20-70 is quoted at 4420 yuan. Shanghai Shopping Center: 45# Carbon Round: Huaigang Φ16-40 for 3620 yuan; 40Cr composite steel: Huaigang Φ16-63 for 3820; gear steel 20CrMnTi: Hangzhou Iron and Φ20-50 for 4450 yuan; chromium molybdenum steel 20/42CrMo: Xingcheng Φ16-50 is quoted at 6150 yuan.   The sales of small narrow strip steel in Tangshan shopping mall rose by 20 yuan and the transaction was good. During the session, some manufacturers once again raised their quotations for small narrow strip steel. The profile and building materials are acceptable, and the quotations have increased slightly; the snails will vibrate after opening higher. Affected by this, the quotation of Tangshan billet also began to rise in the afternoon, reaching 30 yuan. It is understood that because the current steel billet manufacturers are at a severe loss in selling, and the funds are very serious, the steel mills are more willing to increase the offer, and they will take the opportunity to increase the price if there is a slight disturbance. The lower-tier shopping malls are relatively weak and lack support for high-priced billets and products, which makes the billets and products temporarily unable to continue upward. As far as the current situation is concerned, it is estimated that Tangshan billet will maintain a slight consolidation in the short term. According to the monitoring of the Lange Iron and Information Research Center, as of press time: Tangshan and Changlipu carbon billet ex-works offer 2870 yuan, 20MnSi billet ex-factory offer 2,990 yuan, up 30 yuan from yesterday. More steel consulting, details http://www.q345bj.com/
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