Q345B steel plate steel price quotation

by:ChangZeng     2021-02-20
Q345 is a kind of steel material. It is a low-carbon alloy steel (cu003c0.2%) with good overall performance, good low temperature performance, cold stamping performance, welding performance and machinability. It is widely used in bridges, vehicles, ships, buildings, pressure vessels, etc. Q represents the yield of this material, and the latter 345 refers to the yield value of this material, which is around 345MPa. And as the thickness of the material increases, its yield value decreases.   At present, the spot market for medium and heavy plates in Shanghai is under less inventory pressure, but individual steel mills are under greater resource competition. Among them, the arrival of Angang's plate is increasing, and merchants may continue to choose price reduction promotions. At the same time, although other steel mills have few resources, due to pressure, following the decline in sales promotion is just a helpless move. In addition, some steel mills are negotiating with state-owned enterprises in the near future, hoping to increase the supply of resources after settlement, which may change the current market resource supply and demand pattern, but in the short term market prices may be weak, after all, downstream demand is not ideal. Please see the table below for details. Name and Specification (mm) Material Plant/Origin Price (RMB/ton) Change Remarks Low-alloy medium plate 6Q345B Maanshan Iron u0026 3440-Cargo low low-alloy medium plate 8Q345B Maanshan 3300- Goods low-alloy medium plate 10Q345B Maanshan 3200- Low-alloy medium plate 12Q345B Maanshan Iron and 3080-low-alloy medium plate 14-20Q345B 3070-Low-alloy medium plate 14-20Q345B Yingkou 3060-low alloy medium plate 14-20Q345B Handan 3050-low alloy medium Plate 14-20Q345B Baotou 3050-Cargo low low alloy medium plate 14-20Q345B Pinggang 3040- Low alloy medium plate 14-20Q345B Liugang 3050-Cargo low low alloy medium plate 8Q345B Huawei/Dangda/Xicheng/Zhaoshun 3210 -Cargo low low-alloy medium plate 10Q345B Huawei/Dao/Xicheng/Zhaoshun 3170-Cargo low low-alloy medium plate 12Q345B Huawei/Dao/Xicheng/Zhaoshun 3080-Cargo low-alloy medium plate 14-20Q345B Huawei /Dangda/Xicheng/Zhaoshun 3040-Cargo-less low-alloy thick plate 30Q345B Angang/Hanye/Baogang/Jigang 3150-Cargo-less low-alloy thick plate 40Q345B Angang/Hanye/Baogang/Jigang 3210-Cargo-less Low-alloy thick plate 50Q345B Angang/Hanye/Baogang/Jigang 3280-Cargo low-alloy thick plate 40Q345B Shagang 3200-unedged plate; weighed low-alloy thick plate 40Q345B Nangang 3210-Cargo low-alloy thick plate 40Q345B up to 3070 -Unedged plates; weighed low-alloy extra-thick plates 60Q345B Anshan Iron and /Shagang/Hanye/Baogang 3380-huoshao low-alloy extra-thick plates 70Q345B Angang/Shagang/Hanye/Baogang 3520-huoshao low-alloy extra-thick plates 80Q345B Angang /Shagang/Hanye/Baosteel 3560-Cargo low-alloy extra-thick plate 90Q345B Angang/Shagang/Hanye/Baogang 3660-Cargo-less low-alloy extra-thick plate 100Q345B Angang/Shagang/Hanye/Baogang 3800-Cargo-less Low-alloy extra-thick plate 120Q345B Angang/Shagang/Hanye/Baogang 3820- less goods and more Q345B steel plates, please visit Tianjin Hongrui Trading Co., Ltd. (http://www.q345bj.com), the company is a professional A trading company dealing in manganese steel; is a professional manganese steel sales company. Main products: Q345B angle steel, Q345B channel steel, Q345BH section steel, Q345B I-beam, Q345B steel plate and other high-quality steel products materials.
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