Q345B steel plate in the implementation of agricultural and industrial effects

by:ChangZeng     2021-02-21
Many steel plate traders were not very familiar with futures at the beginning, and consciously stopped speculating operations, resulting in losses, and then shunned futures and created stereotypes. Some steel plate traders saw individual steel plate traders making futures speculative losses, or did not understand the meaning of hedging, so they resolutely resisted futures and hedging, and thus withdrew from the steel plate trading circle because of serious losses in the spot market. 2012 is recognized as the worst year in the steel plate trading circle. plate traders are doing more and more futures, but few can persist in hedging. plate trading companies should use futures as hedging and cannot use futures as a tool for speculation. Today, Q345B steel plate industry has been in China in the past two decades. Especially in recent years, with the development and establishment of Q345B steel plate used in municipal engineering, chemical engineering, construction, municipal engineering, water conservancy engineering, and the occupational demand for agriculture and industry of Q345B steel plate has increased from time to time, and the rapid development of China's plastic pipe stimulation has been occupied. , China has become the largest consumer of plastic pipes used in the world. There are more than 3,000 plastic pipes in domestic large-scale consumer enterprises, with a consumption capacity of more than 15 million tons. However, although the domestic Q345B steel plate industry has achieved rapid development, there is still a long way to go with the world's advanced level. The detailed table is now: First, the domestic steel industry's plan for composite pipes is unreasonable. Especially in comparison with other countries in the world, the Q345B steel plate industry plan is scattered and the gap with foreign countries. The second is the research and development of Q345B steel plate for the shortage of original materials. It is reported that Q345B steel plate still uses polyethylene polypropylene fiber and must be demonstrated. But in China, this is simply a blank, and the interval is very important. The raw materials of steel plates continued to rise before the holiday, and the billets and strip steels rose continuously. In the context of strong capital support, mainstream pipe factories in North China, Shandong, and Tianjin have continued to rise, coupled with the lack of resources of most pipe factories, making manufacturers' willingness to increase ex-factory prices slightly more positive than before. In addition, at the beginning of the new year, most businesses Hopes are placed on the market prospects for next year, and the desire to shift the mentality to replenish positions has gradually become fierce, which has stimulated the rise of tube prices to a certain level; however, considering the pressure of weak terminal demand in peak seasons, lack of funds, and repayment of loans, the continuity of tube prices in the near The pull-up capacity is weak and the range will be narrowed, but it will not affect the overall steady upward movement of the steel pipe market price in the later period. On the whole, it is estimated that in the short term, the pipe market will still be mainly adjusted by shocks, supplemented by a slight increase. The steel plate manufacturing industry in our province has constituted a relatively complete industrial system including metal products, general steel products plate manufacturing, special equipment manufacturing, transportation steel plate manufacturing, electrical steel plate manufacturing, and electronics and communication steel plate manufacturing. There are currently 600 enterprises above the scope, with sales revenue of 68 billion yuan in 2008. It is the fifth pillar industry in our province after coal, coking, electric power, and metallurgy, and ranks 22nd in the country. The industry has 5 national-level enterprise technology centers, 31 provincial-level technology centers, and 5 industry technology centers.
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