Q345B channel steel prices have risen steadily recently

by:ChangZeng     2021-02-21
Q345B channel steel is a long steel with groove-shaped section. Q345b channel steel is divided into ordinary channel steel and light channel steel. The specification of hot rolled ordinary channel steel is 5-40#. Channel steel is mainly used in building structures, vehicle manufacturing and other industrial structures. Channel steel is often used in conjunction with I-beam.   The steel market has entered the 'Silver TenTraders are mostly cautious about the market conditions in October, believing that steel prices in mid-to-late October may stabilize and rise, and the possibility of a deep decline is unlikely. As of October 13, the average price of HRB400ф20mm rebar in major markets across the country increased by 28 yuan/ton from the previous trading day, the average price of ф8mm high-line increased by 25 yuan/ton from the previous trading day, and the average price of Q235B4.75mm hot rolled coils The price rose 15 yuan/ton from the previous trading day, and the average prices of 1.0mm cold rolled coils and 20mm medium and heavy plates were the same as the previous trading day.   Recently, in the futures market, the prices of iron ore and rebar have both reached their intraday limit, and the prices of hot-rolled coils, coke, and coking coal have also risen sharply. In addition, the price of billet in Tangshan has risen steadily after the National Day, so the current positive factors for the steel market have increased compared with the previous period. However, regarding the steel market trend in the next half of October, a sales manager of Laiwu Iron and Group of Shanxi Iron and Group believes that the upward market will be unsustainable, mainly because there is not much positive change in actual demand.   Tianjin Hongrui Trading Co., Ltd. is a trading company specializing in manganese steel; it is a professional manganese steel sales company. As a domestic medium-sized Q345 series low-alloy product trading company, the company has a long-term inventory of more than 2,600 tons, and its inventory and sales are among the best among similar companies in the country. With the company's professional sales team and good relationship with various domestic steel production enterprises, the company's sales performance has increased year by year, and the customer's reputation has also increased year by year. The company specializes in Q345 series products such as Q345B angle steel products, Q345B channel steel, and Q345B steel plate.  According to the information feedback from the operators in the sales, at the beginning of the 'Silver TenIn an interview with a reporter from China Metallurgical News, a salesperson of a steel trading company said that on the first day after the National Day, the sales of construction steel were OK, and customers bought goods as soon as the market opened and sold hundreds of tons. The price was not discounted. The intraday quotation increased by 10 yuan/ton to 20 yuan/ton, and some large companies sold more than 1,000 tons.   Judging from the operating conditions and price trends of the construction steel market in major regions across the country, on the first day after the National Day, in the 61 major steel markets across the country, 14 had prices rising, 6 falling, and 41 falling flat. By the end of last week (October 11), the number of markets with rising prices had increased to 26, with 5 falling, and 30 flat.  Tianjin Hongrui Trading Co., Ltd. Website: http://www.q345bj.com
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