Q345B angle steel prices have little room for increase

by:ChangZeng     2021-02-20
Tianjin Hongrui Trading Co., Ltd. is a trading company specializing in manganese steel; it is a professional manganese steel sales company. As a domestic medium-sized Q345 series low-alloy product trading company, the company has a long-term inventory of more than 2,600 tons, and its inventory and sales are among the best among similar companies in the country.   Yesterday, the building material's gains slowed down significantly, and the sheet material was weakly consolidated. The futures snails broke the position and fell to 2547. The bearish sentiment was obvious, and the billet continued to fall. From last Friday to yesterday, the cumulative decline has reached 150 yuan, the strength of cost support has been significantly weakened, and market confidence has been significantly frustrated. In addition, the approaching date of the steel mill’s settlement policy has also had a certain suppression effect on price increases. In addition, near the end of the month, funding pressures are gradually emerging. Under the influence of weak demand, the momentum is weak. At present, the market bargaining space is enlarged. In the near future, the market takes volume as the primary task. It is expected that today's mainstream quotations will fluctuate and consolidate at low levels, with limited upside potential. The national average price of 6.5mm HPB300 high-speed wire is RMB 3043/ton, which is an increase of RMB 12/ton from the previous trading day, and the average price of 20mm HRB400E rebar is RMB 2,989/ton, which is an increase of RMB 15/ton from the previous trading day, 20mm three-level thread The average price of steel is RMB 2,990/ton, up RMB 15/ton from the previous trading day. The average price of 8mm ordinary medium plate was 3323 yuan/ton, which was the same as the quotation of the previous trading day. The average price of 20mm ordinary medium plate was 3063 yuan/ton, down 2 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. The average price of 20mm low alloy plate was 3222 yuan/ton, down 3 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. The average price of 3.0mm hot coil is 3160 yuan/ton, down 3 yuan/ton from the previous trading day, and the average price of 4.75mm hot coil is 3,070 yuan/ton, down 3 yuan/ton from the previous trading day.  Q345B angle steel is a kind of construction material, which is widely used in the construction industry. The high-quality low-alloy Q345 series products operated by Hongrui Trading Company are widely used in mechanical processing and manufacturing, real estate housing frames, large, medium and small steel structure workshops, various lighthouses and signal towers, etc. The sales area covers the whole country. While continuously improving the quality of service for customers, it has also won the market and praise for the company. In terms of raw materials, the price of steel billet in Tangshan dropped by 50 yuan/ton yesterday, and the market opened this morning. Now the local ordinary carbon 150 billet ex-factory price is 2460 yuan/ton, 165 rectangular billet is 2490 yuan/ton, and low alloy billet is 2580 yuan/ton including tax. The dealer's naked price is about 2358 yuan/ton, and the ex-factory price of Changlipu's billet in cash is 2,460 yuan/ton. The current sharp decline in Tangshan finished products has hit market confidence. Downstream purchases of billet are cautious. Billet vendors are still difficult to sell at low prices. Funds are tight at the end of the month and the macro is not good. It is expected that Tangshan billet prices may continue to fall today. On the whole, the gains slowed down yesterday, and the sheet material was weak. billets continued to fall, steel products futures sluggish, and capital pressure increased, and market confidence was frustrated. The current mainstream is expected to fluctuate at a low level, with little room for adjustment.   For more details, please click http://www.q345bj.com
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