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by:ChangZeng     2020-05-04
Norgren Pneufit stainless steel push new series designed for the food and beverage processing industry
In terms of pneumatic accessories, Sorne, the UK\'s largest distributor of compressed air products and process systems, is now available.
Anti-corrosion, non-precision design for accessories
Avoid any toxic and non-absorbent materials that may pollute the final product in food processing.
The installation itself is simple, as the new stainless steel fittings can be connected quickly and easily without tools, and can quickly connect nylon, polyurethane and four fluorine tubes.
The compact size allows for easy installation in limited space, and the internal hexagonal foreign keys ensure a fully secure assembly.
All elbows and tees have a rotation function, providing the perfect direction for the pipe wiring.
The pressure rating is 750mm Hg to 15 bar, so that the pneutecs accessory can be used in both vacuum and pressure system applications, and the ambient temperature working range is-15[degrees]C to +225[degrees]
C. Easy to cope with hot food production.
Full information is now available in email
The flyer is called \"take nogeron pneumatic seriously\" and you can browse by downloading the complete nogeron Pneufit brochure from sorte.
Norgren Pneufit S stainless steel accessories are available in stock and can be ordered from Thorite\'s 10 sales and service centers in Yorkshire.
Lancashire, Northeast and West Midlands, or call 0800 034 2511 for free.
You can contact the Norgren pneumatic expert team at Thorite using the same free phone number, provide advice and answer any questions about contacting Thorite on phone 01274 663471, or visit www. thorite. co.
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