Medium frequency induction heat treatment process of Q345B seamless steel pipe

by:ChangZeng     2021-02-20
Due to its hollow closed structure, seamless steel products pipes have greater resistance to bending and torsion, and are widely used in various buildings and other components. If the multi-phase steel manufacturing process with good strength and plasticity is applied to the industrial production of seamless steel pipes, the cold deformation ability and secondary processing performance of seamless steel pipes can be greatly improved, and it is expected to expand the resistance of seamless steel pipes Applications in many fields such as pipeline steel, internal high pressure forming and cold-formed shaped pipes.   From the perspective of the continuity and automation of the heat treatment process and the good surface quality of the steel pipe after heat treatment without serious iron scale, continuous heat treatment of the steel pipe by medium frequency induction heating is the best choice. Intermediate frequency induction heating heat treatment has the advantages of good product quality, high control accuracy, small equipment investment, low production cost, good working conditions, energy saving and environmental protection, and simple equipment maintenance. It is a technology worth promoting. In addition, medium-frequency induction hardening can make the surface of the component small and dense oxide scale, and the dense oxide layer can be used as a protective layer to prevent the component from continuing to be oxidized. Process design: Q345B seamless steel pipe is selected as the test material, heated to the critical zone temperature by intermediate frequency induction, and kept in the furnace for a certain period of time, so that a certain proportion of austenite and ferrite are produced in the matrix, and then quenched and cooled. Among them, austenite will transform to martensite, forming a duplex steel pipe with a matrix structure of ferrite and martensite. Since the induction heating speed is very fast and the heating time is very short, very fine grain martensite or cryptocrystalline martensite can be obtained after quenching. Since the quenching medium used is water, various parts of the steel products pipe after quenching may be more or less bent due to different cooling rates. Therefore, during the heat treatment process, the steel pipe can be rotated forward to reduce the bending. degree. The process research results show that:   1. The dual-phase steel seamless pipe using ordinary hot-rolled and cold-drawn Q345B seamless steel pipes as raw materials can be developed by the medium frequency induction heating method. Then, a dual-phase seamless steel pipe with ultra-fine grain structure is obtained. The refinement of martensite in dual-phase seamless steel products pipes is mainly achieved by phase transformation, while the refinement of ferrite is achieved by recrystallization. Reasonable control of the heat treatment process can realize the interphase precipitation distribution of the dispersed nano-scale precipitates on the ferrite matrix.   2. It is completely feasible to apply the intermediate frequency induction hardening heat treatment process to the development of dual-phase steel seamless pipes. The medium frequency induction heating method for online heat treatment of steel pipes can flexibly adjust the process. It is especially suitable for the production of small batches and multiple specifications, and has high efficiency, no pollution, and strong repeatability. However, the process is still in the initial research and development stage, and more in-depth research and popularization are needed.u200b
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