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by:ChangZeng     2020-06-30
PATNA: repair of western flank (Patna-Hajipur)
The Holy map of Gandhi will be completed by next November.
AFCON Infrastructure Co. , Ltd. is a company selected by the joint road, transport and road department in a joint venture with Sibmost for the Setu repair project, which commenced on June and completed for May 18, 2020.
On Saturday, the minister of road construction, Nand Kishor Yadav, inspected the dilapidated Setu repair work in progress, saying that the project is progressing beyond its target because so far, the six spans of the bridge have been demolished relative to the three spans of the target.
Existing superstructure of 5. 575km-
Long Gandhi Setu is proposed to be completely removed and see triangular steel beams on the railwaycum-
Road bridges like the Rajendra Setu or the Koilwar railway bridge will be erected.
\"The whole project is divided into two phases.
The west side of the bridge will first be completely demolished and rebuilt, and the truss will be installed, and then the same process will be carried out on the east side.
So far, six spans starting with Hajipur end have been removed.
I was told today that the work to remove the 19 span will begin on November.
In addition, the manufacture of steel truss in the yard of the construction company will start on December, and the installation of these truss on the bridge will start on next February, \"Nand Kishor said.
The Setu was built in 1982 and has been used limited due to the repair work on the west side between pillars 43 and 46.
There are 47 pillars in the bridge.
For the first time in 1991, people felt the need to repair the bridge.
Since 2004, the cost of repairs to the bridge has reached Rs 180.
The Union Cabinet approved the restoration of the Setu in July 22, with an estimated expenditure of RS 1,742. 01 crore.
Of the total investment, it is expected to cost 237 rupees to dismantle the structure alone.
In last September, the center selected a joint venture between AFCON and Sibmost to repair Setu.
34-the whole process of repairyear-
The old bridge has been described in detail in the detailed engineering report (DPR)
Projects for Mumbai S. N. Bhobe & Associates Pvt Ltd-based firm.
The repaired bridge will have four lanes.
Other utilities on the bridge include sidewalks (1. 5 meter wide)
Railing, defense
Collision barriers, utility operators and solar-
Electric street lights.
November 17, 2017 project schedule: Demolition of the span of the Ganda bridge began on December 17, 2017: steel truss started on February 18, 2018: steel truss installation on November 18, 2018: completion of the west side of the bridge on May 18, 2020: complete the work on the east side of the bridge download the India Times news app in the latest city.
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