Long-term development plan for iron ore industry

by:ChangZeng     2021-02-22
China has more than 70 billion tons of iron ore resources, but its dependence on foreign iron ore is still as high as 70%. The data shows that in the past 10 years, China's steel company has accumulated more than 2 trillion yuan in raw material costs due to high ore prices, and huge raw material costs have swallowed most of the steel companies' profits. In 2013, the sales profit rate of steel companies with more than 5 million tons in the country was only 0.55%. If investment income is taken into account, the main steel products business practice is at a loss. There are many reasons for the predicament of China's iron and steel industry, but the lagging development of domestic iron ore resources and the high dependence on iron ore imports are important factors. With the increasingly fierce global resource competition, strengthening domestic mine plans and establishing an iron ore strategic safety assurance system burned eyebrows. According to Shao Anlin, the leader of the planning team and deputy general manager of Anshan Iron and Group Company, currently, domestic mining companies are small and scattered, with low resource utilization and high production costs, which makes China's iron ore resources low in assurance and outstanding in ecological environment. It is difficult to meet the needs of the healthy development of the national economy, and it is difficult to ensure the strategic safety of materials in the iron and steel industry. It is necessary to conduct overall planning and system integration for China Metallurgical and Mining Corporation from a strategic perspective.  The leading company takes the lead in preparing the career development plan, mainly because the development experience of Ansteel Mining has a leading and exemplary role for China Metallurgical Mining Corporation. In recent years, Ansteel Mining Company has implemented the company's development strategy first in China's metallurgical mining industry. Since 2008, Q345B Angle Mining has created a cumulative profit of more than 35 billion yuan and paid 18.2 billion yuan in taxes. At present, China's leading companies with a sound industrial chain rank the first in the world in total resource control, second in total mining volume, fifth in iron ore output value, and world-leading mining skills.   Regardless of the level of view, the launch of this planning exercise has serious implications. From a national perspective, after drafting an iron ore resource development plan, a clear company development 'road map' is formed, which can standardize and lead the development of the profession, and improve the contribution rate of the metallurgical and mining profession to the development of the national economy. From a professional perspective, under the severe situation that foreign mining giants monopolize resources and cause large-scale losses in China’s steel industry, the development of iron ore resources can promote resource integration, increase industrial concentration, and make progress in the global mining market competition. The right to speak, to ensure the strategic security of China's steel industry material supply. From the perspective of the company itself, through the formulation and implementation of a systematic development plan, it can promote company management and skill innovation, improve resource utilization, complete green development, and enhance the company's innovative talents and competitive strength.   Domestic experts and scholars are optimistic about the implementation of the plan. Many experts stated that the drafting and implementation of this plan will give birth to China’s first iron ore resource guarantee strategy, marking that iron ore resources have now risen to a national strategy, and promoting a world that integrates output value planning and innovative capabilities in China. Grade-A iron mining company is a powerful counterattack from China on the monopoly of foreign mining giants, and it will also have a serious and far-reaching impact on the global mining market. For more details, please visit http://www.q345bj.com/
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