Knowledge classification and detailed explanation of steel plate

by:ChangZeng     2021-02-22
With the continuous development of China's economy, steel plates are also abundantly used in all aspects. Everyone is eccentric about him because its appearance and connotation can fully satisfy our application needs, and can very well satisfy everyone's needs. . First of all, it has clear specifications in appearance, does not allow significant layering, and other shortcomings. There are also rules in shape and load capacity. It must be ensured that the length, width and height and the ability to resist load also have clear data and can be abundant. To ensure our use. It has been widely used in industrial construction and home construction. It has outstanding weldability, plasticity and outstanding mechanical strength. It is a low-carbon and environmentally friendly product, which is more convenient for forming and delivery. Secondly, because the quality of China's steel plate is excellent in comparison, it has been used by many localities abroad and is often used for export. In the international market, China's stainless steel industry has now established a firm foothold. It proves China's continuous development and advancement. In the end, because of China's regulatory standards, how should Q345B steel plates be tested? We can use two methods, one is the tensile experiment and the tortuous experiment, which can provide useful mechanical properties, which will help everyone know and use. The above are the strengths and performance specifications of the steel plate. With its strict management and excellent quality, we must fully understand its characteristics before using it. This can facilitate our very good use and allow his strengths to be used. Extreme, easy for us to use! plates are widely used in various construction and engineering layouts, such as the construction of bridges, the construction of houses, the production of various electrical towers and hoisting machinery, ships and warehouse shelves, etc. . plates can be composed according to different organizations and requirements, called various components under different forces. Together, they can also be used as connectors between various components. plates can be divided into cold-drawn and polished steel plates and hot-rolled sand-blasted steel plates. Mainly can be divided into two types: equilateral steel products plate, and unequal-sided steel plate. The specifications of equilateral steel plates can be indicated in accordance with the dimensions of the side length and the thickness of the flat steel. If it is the flat steel products used in import and export, then usually the required specifications shall prevail. In addition to the specifications, No distinction is made according to the properties of the ingredients. At the time of delivery, Chinese steel plates can be divided into two methods: fixed-length and double-length according to different lengths. There are certain quantities in import and export. Imports are mainly from Western Europe and other countries, while exporting countries are mainly in Southeast Asia and other regions. The appearance quality of steel plates has special specifications and rules. The requirements are on the appearance of flat steel. There can be no harmful defects, such as flat steel. There must be no delamination on the surface, and there must be no harmful doubts such as scars or cracks on the outside. In addition, there are certain requirements for the error of flat steel, including the length and thickness of the sides, as well as the width and viewpoint, etc., all have strict requirements.
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