keep brass, silver, pewter and steel pretty

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(Real Simple)--
Here are some simple remedies for those brass candle holders, silver tableware, etc. that lose their luster.
How to use stainless steel polishing method: Wright stainless steel polishing ($2. 75).
It is important to know that stainless steel is properly named--
It rarely needs to be polished.
As long as the whole part is stainless steel, this is the only metal that can be used in the dishwasher.
Don\'t put the pound-
Handle knife with stainless steel blade in dishwasher.
Useful tip: wax finish can leave a film on stainless steel, so use a non-wax finish such as Wright\'s, Palmolive or similar phosphate-free dish soap.
Don\'t finish the teapot with a wax protector.
Heat will melt it and you will rank-
Taste sweet tea.
Real simplicity: what to use to make the tricky surface sparkle how to polish the brass: Wright Brass Cream ($2. 75).
To know: many old brass are painted and must be peeled off before polishing.
The lacquer can be identified by feeling the edge of the fragment or noticing uneven discoloration of the lacquer fragments and the oxidation of brass.
Give your work to a professional if you are not sure.
Useful tip: ignore most folklore about handling brass.
Don\'t use ketchup (
It might work, but not as good as DingTalk --
Polish makeup remover).
Do not use olive oil (
It is sticky and attracts dust and moisture).
Never use ammonia or steel wire (
Too harsh).
True simplicity: 6 staining
What to use to polish pewter: rub alcohol to remove dirt;
Renaissance Wax ($12)to coat.
If you need polishing, try the Pewter Wash of Hagarty ($6).
To know: Pewter usually does not Polish, just because it is shiny, the appearance of aging is the first choice.
This is a very thin metal, so be careful with it.
Even if you are just keeping the Thanksgiving turkey warm, don\'t put it in the oven as it may melt.
Useful advice: avoid eating acidic foods and drinks-
Such as lemon, tomato, orange juice, Dutch sauce and wine--
Because they eat the metal.
What is the use of copper polishing: Wright Copper Cream ($2. 75)
Or brass and copper polishing by Goddard ($5).
To know: Some sources say to wash copper with lemon and salt, but it is better to stay away from these materials.
The acidity of the lemon and the abra nature of the salt will destroy the finish of the copper.
Polished with commercial copper.
Useful tip: when it\'s already hard to remove glossto-
To reach the spots, such as the seams where the handle is attached to the pot.
Paste may become a cake in these areas.
To clean, use Q-tip or a horse-hair brush.
Remove the block
Rub with alcohol on the paste.
How to polish silver what to use: the silversmith spray of hagetti Poland ($13)
Or The Silver Foam of Hagarty ($5).
To know: the pound and the silver plate should be treated in the same gentle way.
If your clothes are not easy to clean, go to a professional.
Don\'t put silver tableware in the dishwasher.
Extreme heat will distort it, leaving traces when it hits other metals.
Useful tips: Store silver in acid
Cotton wool (free tissue or unbleached cotton wool)
Found in fabric store)
In a Ziploc bag.
Avoid eating eggs or mayonnaise on silver;
The sulfur inside spoiled it.
Very simple: Nitty-
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