JFE developed the 'SuperHot-G' high-formability high-carbon hot-rolled steel sheet

by:ChangZeng     2021-03-11
The utilization rate of steel products plates is relatively high. People are paying close attention to the recent developments in the steel market, especially Tianjin Hongrui Trading Co., Ltd., a better manufacturer of Q345B steel plates in Tianjin. We will always introduce you to the latest steel products. Industry information. A few days ago, Japan’s JFE Company announced the 'SuperHot-G' high-carbon hot-rolled steel sheet with high formability and a carbon content of 0.35%. It has a thickness accuracy comparable to that of cold-rolled steel sheets. Keep the thickness tolerance under ±80m. The development of this high-carbon hot-rolled steel plate further expands the scale of stamping and forming of chaotically shaped parts, and is suitable for machining gears and continuously variable transmission (CVT) pistons and other driving parts that are repeatedly transformed or reciprocating.   'SuperHot-G' makes full use of the advantages of high-carbon steel products that can be quenched to increase strength and improves formability. In detail, the tensile strength has been reduced, and the elongation at break, which has a trade-off relationship with it, has been improved. The tensile strength of the new steel plate is about 400MPa, while the tensile strength of S35C with the same carbon content is 500MPa. Correspondingly, the elongation at break of the new steel sheet is about 10% higher, and the formability is improved.  When processing parts, after stamping with the excellent formability of the new steel plate, heat treatment is performed on the molded product to improve the function. Choosing 'SuperHot-G' can solve the problem of poor sheet forming function, and can also replace the parts that used to be cast and cut, or the equipment made by welding multiple parts, with the technology of stamping and integral molding, and then reduce the processing Cost, reduce weight. The other 'SuperHot-G' is soft, which can reduce the forming load during stamping, reduce the load on the die and extend its service life.   Tianjin Hongrui Trading Co., Ltd. http://www.q345bj.com/ has grown rapidly in recent years, and we welcome you to consult more detailed information at any time!
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