indonesia, china slap anti-dumping duties on each other\'s steel products

by:ChangZeng     2020-07-02
JAKARTA (Reuters)-
Indonesia and China reacted on Friday.
In the escalation of global tariff disputes involving one of the world\'s most widely used metals, dumping import duties on each other\'s steel products are levied.
Extension of Indonesia
Up to 20% dumping import tax on some units
Rolled steel products from 7 countries including China, Russia and India.
These tariffs have been in place since 2013, affecting Chinese giants Angang and Baoshan Iron and Steel, severwal of Russia and Essar Steel of India.
The extension will take effect within 14 days from March 19 when the government signs the regulation.
Indonesia also taxed apartments.
There are 11 steel imports from Taiwan, Thailand and Kazakhstan. 9 percent anti-
Anti-dumping duties on other steel products from China.
\"But 20%. .
Not so important in the opposite.
Dumping tariffs compared to high tariffs in Europe and the United StatesS.
\"Said Kevin Bai, an analyst at CRU in Beijing.
\"This is a protective measure because Southeast Asian countries are trying to become more independent in recent days.
They produce their own products instead of importing them from China. ” With 1.
In 2018, Indonesia imported 79 million tons of crude oil from China.
According to IHS Markit\'s Atlas of global trade, the biggest destinations for China\'s flat steel products are Vietnam, South Korea, the Philippines and Thailand.
Earlier Friday, China\'s Ministry of Commerce said it would implement a temporary counter
Stainless steel billet and heat from March 23 to September-
Rolled stainless steel sheets from other producers such as Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and the European Union.
It has not yet determined the percentage of tariffs.
China\'s tariffs came after Beijing launched a survey of stainless steel imports in last July, which appeared to have nothing to do with the Indonesian tariff campaign. Almost two-
In 2017, 30 of the stainless steel imported from China came from Indonesia, compared with 5% in 2016. dumping probe.
\"This is a way to protect domestic steel companies, but China imports very little from the rest of the world,\" said Helen Liu, an analyst at Argonaut Securities in Hong Kong.
\"It may import some high
Terminal steel that cannot be produced locally or imported by the terminal
Users who need some kind of specification.
Pradnyawati, director of the trade security division of Indonesia\'s trade department, said Jakarta was willing to help exporters who allegedly dumped stainless steel on China and was looking at Beijing\'s allegations to decide on its \"next step \".
She did not answer questions about the reasons behind the expansion of anti-corruption in Indonesia
Dumping duties on iron products from China and other countries.
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