I-beam products should have relevant product certificates

by:ChangZeng     2021-02-20
Better protect the rights and interests of consumers. In a blink of an eye, the standard has been implemented for 2 months, but the Jincheng ceramic market has received mediocre response, and many consumers are not aware of it. The new standard is applicable to 16mn I-beam products, production and circulation, and specifies the terms and definitions, product naming and classification, main dimensions, requirements, quality indications, test methods, inspection rules, markings, instructions for use of Q345B I-beams, Packaging, transportation and storage. The most noteworthy content of consumers is that the new standard requires that Q345B I-beam products should have three guarantee documents: product instructions, product quality indication cards and product qualification certificates, and regulate the preparation and content of the documents, which is equivalent to 'Birth paper' is prepared for each 16mn I-beam. Q345B I-beam industry itself also has the industry standard of 'Dark and Valuable Hardwood Furniture'. Cao Xinmin believes that from industry standards to mandatory national standards, consumer protection will be more in place. However, he also admitted that the implementation and implementation of the new national standards will be very difficult, except that the industry itself needs to improve its awareness of standards In addition to implementation, the relevant departments should also increase the intensity of law enforcement.
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