How to Make Cuts in Stainless Steel

by:ChangZeng     2020-04-28
The way to cut stainless steel is very similar to the way to cut ordinary steel.Because stainless steel is harder than ordinary steel, special blades are used.Once cut, the edges will be very sharp, so be sure to use leather palm gloves when dealing with the cutting pieces.Use alumina grinding blade on stainless steel workpiece for long time cutting.Grinding blades are suitable for saws of almost any size.Battery-Portable devices for Operation usually use 4 1/2inch wheels.The saw usually uses 7-Inch wheels and table saws are usually equipped with 9-inch wheels.Smaller parts or parts that require more complex cutting are done with wet diamond saw blades or rotating tools with appropriate metalCut disk attachment.A straight line on a smaller workpiece is best done using a wet diamond saw blade, while a cut or shape is best done using a rotary tool for maximum operability.
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