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by:ChangZeng     2020-04-27

Corrugated metal is a light, tough, practical weather-Resistant to materials.It is mainly used for the roof and sides of buildings such as barns or sheds.It can be obtained in various metals.Galvanized steel, stainless steel, painted steel, aluminum-And various weights (metal thickness ).There are also many styles, expressed by the difference between the \"raised\" at the top of the ridge and the overall height of the material.The most common is 2 1/2 by 1/2 used in barns, sheds and other structures.Some manufacturers offer perforated or plaid styles with holes on the metal.Measure the ceiling to be fitted with corrugated metal and calculate the square foot: width multiplied by length.The width of most corrugated boards is 1/2.The standard length is 8 feet, but you can buy panels that are 10, 12 or even 20 feet long.The panel is light, but flexible and clumsy, and while it can reduce the number of seams on the ceiling, the longer length may be particularly difficult to handle.Allow overlap when you calculate how many panels to buy, usually a full Ridge or about 2 1/2.Some panels have labelsA panel slides into the tab of the next panel-Overlap was eliminated.Decide how to fix the corrugated ceiling.If your roof has an internal support, you can screw your panels to those.If not, you will have to install some: the corrugated board needs to be fixed for about every 6 inch.If your porch frame is wood, nail or screwby-Two (even one)by-Two porches that will meet if your span is not long) through your panel.Measure the panels and arrange these dimensions precisely.Test this by placing panels on the porch floor to see how they match.Screw your corrugated ceiling in place.This requires help and ladders.The support plate at both ends, screw one end into the frame, then move half down and add the screws, then screw into the other end.Then go back and add the screws until the panel is fixed firmly.Leave any overlapping space when you install the screws.Then add another panel and another until your ceiling is covered.The panel should be tightly mounted on the side and end.Cut the panel with tin cut or metal saw as needed.If there is a light fixture on the ceiling, cut it off.Remove the fixture if possible and re-Install the ceiling after it is in place.
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