how to install a kitchen sink

by:ChangZeng     2020-05-05
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Changing the kitchen sink is simple unless you buy a larger size sink and need to adjust the size of the countertop cut.
In this case, you need to hire a professional to cut off new openings, especially if you have granite countertops.
However, in the case that the dimensions remain the same, it is not difficult for the average homeowner to install a new sink, although they are not familiar with the plumbing work.
After all, since you have not rescheduled the existing pipes, there are only a few flexible pipes that can be screwed in.
At most you have to disconnect, reconnect the drain and connect the hot and cold water to the proper tap.
To minimize work, measure before removing the old sink and use the measurement when searching for a new sink.
If you are planning to install a new frameless sink, keep in mind that these sinks have n cutouts larger than the actual size to allow more space for the underlying installation. For self-
Trim sink, the original cut is usually good if your measurements are correct.
The cut is usually smaller than the actual sink because the lips are leaning against the counter.
If you have decided to change the sink, you will need the following tools and materials before you start.
New sink expensive choicePlumber glue mud and silicon caulk1¼ complete nails5 split tapeAdjustable wrenchPhillip and head screwdriverPutty knifeHand sawCaulking gunYou may need to remove the old sink you buy a new one first measuring the cut, no sink inside.
If you are switching from one type of sink holder to another type of sink holder, such as from self
Edge of the frameless version.
If you are widening an opening like a laminated countertop, you need to draw the template with kraft paper, 150-
Sandpaper on rough edges.
If the opening of the sink is too wide, you also need wooden strips to narrow the gap. Swanstone QZLS-3322. 077 33-Inch by 22-Inch Drop-
Large/small Bowl kitchen sink, NeroAmazon Price: $504. 00 $328. 00 Buy Now(
Prices as of February 12, 2016)
The first step in removing the old sink project involves disconnecting the drain and hot and cold water lines from the redit: Open source old sink.
This will, of course, require you to enter the cabinet.
For this discussion, it assumes that you are removing a self. rimming sink.
Note: If you have garbage disposal, turn off the power supply of the equipment at the breaker box, then release the locking ring and temporarily place the equipment on the road.
Whether hot or cold, close the shut-off valve under the sink.
Turn on the faucet above and let any remaining water out of the system and drain it out.
Loosen the connection nut of the waste line and slowly remove the trap as it still contains drainage.
Pour the water into the bucket.
Undo the connection nut that connects each water supply line to its stop valve.
Now there is nothing but the clip below and some silicone caulking agent that holds the sink in place.
Look under the cabinet and screw down the clip around.
Above the cabinet, pry open below the edge of the sink with a putty knife.
The sink should now be free to lift from the opening.
If you are going to transfer the tap to the new sink, remove it at this point.
If the opening is too big to support the new self, please prepare to open
Paneled sink, you have to build all sides of the interior area with small pieces of wood.
Use the epoxy resin for 5 minutes to connect the tape and then securely nail it to the side of the counter with the finished nails.
If the opening of the new sink is too small, you need to make a paper template for the larger opening.
Most manufacturers provide a template for cutting openings.
If not, you can use kraft paper.
To use the template, use scissors to cut the tape around the profile that the template is placed on the countertop.
Now trace it around the opening with a pencil, then take it out and cut it with a handsaw.
Now smooth edges with 150-
Sandpaper or sand.
Clean the edge of the countertop with acetone to remove any residue.
After the area is dry, apply a silicone Caulker or plumber putty around the countertop, where the lips will rest. Kraus KHU100-
SinkAmazon Price: $30 inch 703 single Bowl 16 specification stainless steel kitchen installed under. 35 $295. 99 Buy Now(
Prices as of February 12, 2016)
Install FaucetIf you will use your old faucet and put a plumber\'s putty around its base.
If you are installing a new faucet, please use the gasket provided.
Now place the faucet and any sprayer or soap dispenser in place and tighten the mounting nut at the top.
Turn the sink and tighten the coupling nut of Each faucet part with an adjustable wrench.
When replacing the sink, install the drain pipe at this time, you should replace the drain pipe at the bottom of the sink, also known as the filter.
It should include a washer for any new drain and sink.
If not, you can apply a silicone filler or putty from a plumber.
To install the filter, turn the sink on its side and let someone fix the filter in the sink when you tighten the lock nut. Moen 22036 3-1/2-
Inch composite drain assembly, do not fade Amazon price: $18. 95 $11. 60 Buy Now(
Prices as of February 12, 2016)
Install the sink into the hole.
If the sink is heavy, you can wedge it lower with a wooden strip on the edge without pinching your fingers.
If any caulking agent is squeezed out, wipe it clean with a cloth.
Finally, go under the sink of the cabinet and tighten any clips to secure the sink in place.
When the sink, check whether the power cord is damaged.
Replace with a hose if worn.
Wrap the Teflon tape around the threads of the two water supply lines and connect the two to their respective shut-off valves with an adjustable wrench.
Finally, connect the tail parts from the drain pipe to the waste line to complete the pipe connection.
Open the shut-off valve and restore the water from the faucet.
When the tap is running, check if there is a leak under the cabinet.
Over the next few days, look at the area and see if you see the leaking watermark.
The last thughtscredit: It\'s not a difficult job for a regular DIYer to install a new sink.
You have to disconnect the trap under the sink for a while, but this is the scope of the plumbing issue that you will be dealing.
If you don\'t need to make any adjustments to the opening on the Taiwan side, then the process will be much faster because you basically just put the sink in as it is.
However, when you open and disconnect everything, I suggest you replace the faucet, filter and two water supply lines with the updated option.
In your experience, the whole process described above takes about two to three hours.
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