how to engrave on stainless steel flatware | ehow

by:ChangZeng     2020-05-24

Carving is a way to personalize tableware.The museum features finely carved sterling silver and gold tableware.Usually, people engrave their initials on their tableware.With the rising cost of gold and silver, many people prefer to engrave stainless steel tableware.Outline the design you want to engrave on your stainless steel cutlery.Many people engrave the initials of their names on their color boxes in hand books or calligraphy.Measure the cutlery and make sure your design fits it and looks right.Wash stainless steel cutlery with soap and water and dry.Draw the pattern you want to engrave on stainless steel tableware with permanent mark.If you have confidence in your font, you can skip this step and mark a box only where you want the font to start and end.The box should also reflect the height of the engraving.Fix stainless steel cutlery with carved blocks, insect glue sticks or vise.Use a carving knife to cut the design of the engraving.According to your design, slide the knife through the stainless steel tableware.Don\'t dig deep with a knife.When you cut to get lines of different widths and shapes, roll the carving knife on its side.Most sculptors cut curves and circles counter-clockwise.Clean stainless steel tableware with acetone to remove the permanent mark.Stainless steel cutlery is then rinsed with soap and water to remove acetone residue.
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