How to cut steel plate

by:ChangZeng     2021-02-20
Generally speaking, steel plate cutting processing can be divided into two kinds of two-dimensional imager and three-dimensional coordinate measuring instrument. Their development also directly determines the development of the entire profession. And we analyze the development of the profession, the analysis of the sales recovery of the steel plate cutting and processing profession promotion and innovation, and it is mainly about the development of these two types of equipment. The first is the two-dimensional impression measuring instrument. As the foundation of steel plate cutting and processing, the impression measuring instrument has gradually become sophisticated since it entered the domestic market. Therefore, the development of the two-dimensional impression measuring instrument is completely free from worry. The second is the three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine. As the upgraded instrument of the two-dimensional impression measuring instrument, the three-dimensional is not very sophisticated in many aspects, so the development of some aspects is still not perfect, but as the first thing in the three-dimensional inspection, the three-dimensional is in the market. China still holds a considerable share. From the above two points, we can get a rough conclusion about the Q345B steel products plate. The steel plate cutting process has been carried out throughout the year. Although there are some small bends and obstacles, the overall situation is the development of the profession. It is still a good one. Whether it is a two-dimensional impression measuring instrument or a three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine, the steel plate cutting and processing profession is moving forward steadily in an orderly manner. As the leader of the domestic fine steel plate cutting and processing profession, whether in terms of the two-dimensional imager or the three-dimensional coordinate, it leads the development of the domestic steel plate cutting and processing profession with leading skills and excellent products. The working principle of the laser beam during laser cutting is: during the processing, the material is irradiated by successive lasers to form a pit in the middle, and then the material is melted coaxially with the laser beam to form a hole. This hole is similar to the threading hole of line cutting. The laser beam uses this hole as a plus for general cutting. Under normal circumstances, the direction of the flying light path and the general tangent direction of the processed part are straight. Therefore, when the laser beam penetrates the steel products part at the beginning to cut the part, its cutting speed will be greatly changed in the vector direction, from being straight to the tangent direction of the cutting summary to coincide with the tangent of the cutting summary. A relatively rough cut surface flows on the cut section of the processed material. This is mainly due to the rapid change of the vector direction of the laser beam in the movement in a short time. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to this aspect when selecting laser cutting parts. Generally, when there is no requirement for roughness of the external surface cut fracture of the planned part, manual processing can be omitted during the laser cutting programming, so that the control software can automatically generate the puncture point; however, when the planning has a relatively large cut section of the part to be processed When high roughness is required, we must pay attention to this question. Generally, we need to manually adjust the excitation position of laser cutting, that is, manual control of the puncture point. It is required to move the laser path to the reasonable position of the demand, and the surface accuracy of the processed parts is required.
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