How to bend the arc Q345B steel plate

by:ChangZeng     2021-03-15
How does the arc Q345B steel products plate bend sheet metal? Chassis and cabinet sheet metal are generally bent at right angles, and some are not at right angles. There is also a sheet metal piece with large rounded corners, that is, a sheet metal piece with a circular arc. Our common bending molds are all 90-degree bending molds, so how to bend the arc Q345B steel products plate? Obviously, the first method on the list is to make an arc bending mold. Find a professional mold manufacturer to make a set of curved molds. For example, the R10 arc mold is finished, clamped on the bending machine, and bent at 90 degrees. The advantages of this method are: simple bending, simple procedure, good bending effect and high efficiency. The disadvantage is that a special mold needs to be customized. If there are two kinds of bending of R10 or R15, two sets of molds must be customized, and the mold cost is high. A relatively large arc is not suitable for customized molds, such as R100 molds. If a set of molds is customized, the mold cost is too high. Q345 is a raw material for steel. It is a low-carbon alloy steel products (cu003c0.2%) with good comprehensive functions, good low-temperature functions, cold stamping functions, welding functions and cutting functions. It is widely used in bridges, vehicles, ships, buildings, pressure vessels, etc. Q represents the yield of this material, and 345 at the back refers to the yield value of this material, which is around 345MPa. And as the thickness of the raw material increases, its yield value decreases. The method of bending the arc So, what method should be used for bending the large arc? This method has benefited from the development of modern CNC machine tools. Now general CNC bending machines have the function of bending arcs. How did this end? Simply put: it is to use a general 90-degree folding mold, and select the program to control multiple times with one knife and one knife to complete the large arc processing with a small point of view. The arc length of the large arc is relatively long, and the scale far exceeds the accuracy of the CNC bending machine. The CNC bending machine selects multiple positioning bending to complete the overall bending with a large arc length. In the same way, the viewpoint control of the CNC bending machine is already very accurate, and the big arc viewpoint bending is completed with multiple small viewpoint bending. Speaking of it, it's not very intuitive, it's very clear by looking at the bending on site. Of course, this article on my personal website also has a big arc bending video. This method has dealt with the problem of large arc bending of sheet metal very well, lamenting the strength of technology. This method also has drawbacks: according to his principle, when bending a large arc, the number of bends is small, and there will be significant creases. If the number of bending is large, the processing efficiency will decrease. In addition, if some machine tools have low control accuracy, there will be errors in the bending point of view or bending dimensions, requiring high-precision CNC machine tools. If, in order to process some large arc sheet metal parts, a good CNC bending machine must be selected.
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