How many people in ChangZeng QC team?
Shanghai ChangZeng Metal Co., Ltd. 's group of QC pros is growing. All members of the QC team are committed. They try to make certain that the product quality is the best notch. Our QC staff ensures that our customers get the top quality products that they deserve.

With years of experience, ChangZenghas been a qualified manufacturer providing and delivering galvanized steel coil that meet the needs of customers. ChangZeng's steel products series include multiple types. ChangZeng c channel steel is innovatively developed according to needs. It is carried out by our R&D professionals who develop control modules, power control, wireless modules, encoders, resistors, sensors, etc. It accepts the de-oxidation process to be killed or semi-killed steel. The product can absorb foot sweat. It is designed to provide a dry and ventilated foot environment by adopting the double separation structure. It excels in achieving the shape set by the mold.

Our mission is to provide innovative products and services at the highest level. We aim to surpass customer expectations of quality, delivery, and productivity.
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